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Posted by Hatch


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Post things you think would be good to have on a kandi singlet. You can post with themes if you want, just make the theme titles text bigger so its easy to make out scrollin down

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Reply by Hisui


I make a lot of uplifting kandi :) 

Here are some of my go-to phrases for singles that I trade often:

You got it
Ur ok
Love yourself
Good vibes only
Nice butt

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Reply by Xx_cyan_dreams_xX


I personally like to make ones inspired by charaters and put their names on it :D (e.g. I made a pink kandi single based off pinkie pie and cuz of that it says pinkie :D) I've also made kandi singles for every day of the week with them being the colour I associate with that day of the week. Hope this helps give more ideas :-)

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Reply by corvidhatesyou


Will probably post more, but for now:

Ur Mom
Bad Bxtch
Hot Girlz
(the name or initials of your favorite bands)
(the names of your favorite songs, e.g. Heat Waves)
Luv U

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