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Life as a new Dad in a Covid climate AND in the NICU

Posted by Regular Ass Raymond


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Hey folks, I'll be starting a weekly blog on here about being a new first time dad, how it effects your lifestyle, mentally and decision making.

 Addressing thoughts and feelings fathering a newborn during Covid-19 as well as having a newborn/preemie in the NICU. Writing about what it's like as the father wanting to give support to a postpartum mother. Applying for Temporary Caregiver Insurance (work LoA) etc. 

 If interested please add me and subscribe to my blog! 

Leave me comments on what other topics you'd be interested in reading about as well

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Reply by ATG All Tyme da G


I’m interested and wouldn’t mind giving advice. I just had my third kid during covid & he was a month early so it was a little scarier than the first two kids.

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Reply by Jamie C.


I'm interested. I'm a soon-to-be first time mom (June/July 2021), and hearing the expirences of others is good. :) 

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Reply by Madeleine


I'd love to hear your experience. I am a premmie baby and my mum has worked with volunteer groups to help parents of premmie babies. I can't imagine how hard it must be during covid! Whereabouts in the world are you? Are there any visiting restrictions at the hospital?

NICU wards are strict at the best of times so I imagine there would be a lot more precautions taken.
looking foward to learning more <3

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