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Posted by Taylor Kent


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something I am noticing is, theirs a lot of accountS indeed BUT I do not think their are many active accounts. I look at a lot of profiles and most tend to be inactive for MONTHS. Honestly, I dont see this kicking off unless theirs some changes like a news feed n such. Basically a combination of Old School MySpace and Facebook.

People are just coming here for the Nostalgia then dipping out.

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Reply by Taylor Kent


I agree, lord knows they wouldn't be able to do it on Facebook thou LOL. I Bring up SpaceHey in post on occasion. But for SpaceHey to walk up to Facebook and ask them to let them advertise their page, they'd probably get laughed at.

Those stickers you can buy thou are good. just slap em at random places like on Gas Pumps, elevators and student boards.      

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Reply by ♠ 𝕷𝖔𝖌𝖆𝖓 ♠


I use this website almost everyday, but yes I do think that there are not many active accounts.

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