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Weekly Releases for 12/17/2021

Posted by Mitch


Forum: Metalcore Group


The Northern - Cloudburst (Djent/Metalcore)

Maelføy - Hollow Throne (Post-Hardcore)

Mire - A New Found Rain (Metalcore/Groove Metal)

The Blackout Pictures - For Nothing (Post-Hardcore)

Ember Falls - Ruins (Modern Metal/Electronic)

Above Oceans - The End Of Mental Illness EP (Metalcore)


Memphis May Fire - Left For Dead

Elwood Stray - Hollow

The Amity Affliction - Death is All Around

Windwaker - Toxic (Britney Spears Cover)

Torrential Rain - Differentiate 

Ghost Fame - Scenes From a Marriage

Elwood Stray - Hype

Headcave - If You're God, This is Hell

Dead American - Choke

Wage War - Circle the Drain (Stripped Version)

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