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Guys i have a mini problem, i want my style to be a mix of scene and cyber y2k but the problem is the scene fringes do NOT suit me, i wanna keep my platnium blonde hair but i am willing to add streaks and that sort of stuff as long as its mostly blonde.

I just need help and maybe a opinion on what i should add to my hair, including hair styles, hair accessories etc to make my hair match my wannabe scene/cyber y2k style.
Any advice or tips?
xoxo Krys

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Reply by Kylie


I feel like just going for normal bangs, with the side burns grown out and dyed, would look super cute and still look super scene! 

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Reply by Palmdesertht


To improve our hair, we must follow precise hair development steps. Regular trims, as well keeping them hydrated, are necessary to preserve natural development. There are also many natural techniques to grow you hair, such as applying hair oil to the roots naturally. Furthermore, consuming the appropriate foods contributes to hair that is healthier and stronger. Some adults are going bald these days as a result of poor diet, which makes hair development weaker. You can get a hair transplant, such as smart fue hair transplant, to grow this hair. It takes off the follicular units that graft the hair and allow it to grow naturally. 

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Reply by Lupius


I agree with a person above me. First of all, you should strenghten your hair and only then do something. I would advise you to go to a hairdresser and ask help there. Maybe, someone will have a perfect solution for you. 

Just please, dear, be careful. I do not know if it is still you on your Avatar but you are looking super good and very beautiful! I hope everything will be fine with you hair, as I had problems with mine and afterwards I needed a full hair transplant in order to heal myself. 

I spent a lot of money, I was fully in lawns in order to pay for my treatment in a Hair Transplant In Mexico clinic article. It was not a happy period of my life but in the end I have won, yes. So ya, be careful, dear.  

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Reply by ꩜٭⚝yalead⚝٭꩜