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how do you all dress in clothes that really fit the subculture? that is something that I greatly struggle with. Two obsticles come in my way when it comes to dressing as I wish; my parents, and money. My parents, even though they aren't like religious freaks, theyre still rather strict on what I wear, and they barely even let me off with ripped tights. How do I manage to get around with dressing. my style without my mother's judgemental eye? And the money situation has a few problems of its own; Literally the only place where I know I can get the most 'alternative' clothes is hot topic, and the stuff there is SHIT expensive. And I genienly just suck at online shopping because I hate begging my parents for their credit cards and permission to purchase something. But if its worth it, I will try to put effort into online purchases. SO, if you guys know any good online/irl shops that sell clothes that are within the scene/emo, PLZ LMK D'; thankUUU 

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thrift stores are always a good place to look for cheaper stuff. you can find older band shitrs, more colorful fun printed stuff and sometimes even accesories! you kinda need some luck to find stuff that you like or that fits you well, but (if you can) you can alway modify stuff you find to your liking! for things like studded belts or chokers or just stuff thats generally more expencive you can look for that on for exaple facebook marketplace, depop or ebay!
you can also look for accessories in kids sections they are usually bright and colorful
for the strict parents (if no too much skin is a rule) you can layer longer shirts under funky tanktops or wear like flanels over them. or wear patterned tights under your ripped jeans!
you can also go out in parents aproved clothes and then just change when you are out and change back on your way home
hope that helped a bit and good luck!
have fun on your style journey!

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