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Anyone using Escargot? Uses MSN messenger, YIM5 (don't use this til they figure out the hashing), and working on AIM compatibility.

Works well, seems fairly stable, and has 100% fewer infowars newsfeeds than their leading competitor (looking at you phoenix).

HMU: jaycee@starbase17.space on escargot

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1.) The HMU's hashing algorithm doesn't seem very reliable (the HMU is actually very good) and is a very slow process (at about 5k/s). This makes it very vulnerable to brute force attacks. The main disadvantage of this algorithm is it is so fast and so hard (you can't use it on the real thing), that it is not as efficient as the HMU's hash algorithm.

2.) It's very easy to attack the HMU, because it has so much power (it's so easy to mine, it's hard for a hacker to break in) and so it can take a very long time to get back in the picture.

If this were the case, I would be more inclined to recommend this as an option. It's a very fast hash algorithm and very easy to use, and is very hard on the real world. It's not very expensive, so I wouldn't hesitate to use it if it were available. I'd say the best option would have to be for the attacker to have the best hashing algorithm. I think that's a good idea, because the attacker has more time to do the attack, but if he can get back into the picture, then he could be more willing to use it. If the attack is too slow to be effective, I wouldn't hesitate.

3.) The attack has to be very fast, because if the attacker gets the hash of the hash with a large hash rate (which he probably can) the attacker is going to have a very high attack rate (the attacker has the ability to get a large hash rate without the attacker needing to do any work). If you can do that with a lot of hash rates then you should probably be fine, but if you have to deal with a lot of attack time (and you don't have a lot of time, it's not that easy), I wouldn't recommend using the HMU at all, since it's not very fast and it

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