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Starting out - Beginners Guide

Posted by Chad


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The internet is full of scams in term of lifting and general fitness but heres some beginners tips for lifting that are often hidden by horrible routines and fake nattys. (I did this all relatively fast so feel free to comment gramatical errors).

When beginning first chose to main gain, bulk, or cut. You can figure that out by searching up a TDEE calculator, use apps like myFitness Pal for calorie counting (or just an excel sheet). Remember that calories and macros are only a estimate of what youre actually eating. Dietary percentages can easily be found on the internet, however extreme diets can rarely be followed consistently, so generally avoid them. Extreme cutting and bulking should also be avoided, you probably aren't a bodybuilder or movie star. Now that diets have been briefly covered, whats next usually is routines. There are hundreds of somewhat "valid" routines on the internet, but many are  plainly unreasonable. I recomend PPL or Arnold Split to begin with, more can be found on reddit: https://thefitness.wiki/routines/strength-training-muscle-building/ . You should edit your routine as you lift more often to fit your genetics, everyone is different. Eventually your body will begin to adjust to your training via muscle confusion. After a few months switch your routine to maximize growth. As this isn't a calisthenics board I dont have resources for people with no equipment, acquire a gym membership or a barbell. That's all, count your macros, lift consistently, you'll see results fast.

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