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why did you start learning the language of your choice?

for me the reason was my bf. i kinda need to learn german if i want to live in germany (or i mean i already do live here but uhh life is a struggle). apart from that, i would like to learn russian as i listen to a lot of russian music

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Reply by SPR1NKL3Z DA SC3N3 K1D


Started learning Japanese bcuz I want 2 visit Japan 1 day, bcuz I listen 2 J-Pop and VOCALOID, and just 2 b able 2 watch anime w/o subtitles

Started learning Norwegian just bcuz of Tord from Eddsworld, who iz mah fav character (sharez spot w/ Edd), decided 2 pause on that

Started learning French for no reason, might drop it :^

Started learning Russian bcuz of APH Russia (Hetalia) but I think i'll drop it :^

Started learning Italian bc APH Italy (hetalia) lol

Started laerning Finnish for fun

(bonus: Started learning Spanish bcuz mai fam speakz it but I decided nawt 2 lolz)

so rn im just (trying to ) focus on japanese and finnish

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Reply by Signum


* im currently learning japanese because of the culture , and because of the language itself ! the rules and grammar structure and stuff like that interest me so much , and it's honestly really fun 2 learn :-]

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Reply by taotm07


I have family in germany and they've made me interested in german, but i don't think i'll visit soon, or speak the language at atleast b1 level any time soon

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Reply by www.eden.com


i'm learning spanish and filipino for my friends, and i'm learning japanese for career reasons!

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