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Introductions [pinned]

Who are you in Second Life?

What do you do in SL( businesses, or jobs etc)?

What do you like to do for fun?

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Reply by Rebecca Jeane


I know this group is probably dead, but fuck it.

I'm Charlotte Whimsy inworld, it's my main account that's been active since 2017, but I've been in SL off and on since 2011-ish. 

I'm unemployed inworld lol I spend my time inworld decorating and re-decorating, practicing driving (just got a Lusch Nordic and I'm in love), dressing my avatar, and exploring the mainland. I'm in love with the mainland. I currently live on the north end of the Nautilus continent right next to a port and a marina. You really shouldn't hang around the north end of that continent anytime soon though because I'm still practicing driving my car and you might get run over. xD

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