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Hey everyone, 
I have Dyscalculia, ADHD & another learning disability that doctors weren’t sure what it was when I got tested as a kid. I suspect that I’m autistic since I have some of the traits. 

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Reply by xxRebellious_Emmaxx


I strongly suspect that most of my maternal relatives and I have dyscalculia due to how bad we all are at math. I can't understand algebra or any other complex math and I did struggle with arithmetic and plotting lines on graphs in elementary school. Plus, it tends to be hereditary.

Also, I used to think right was left and left was right until I was around 10 years old. Even now, I'll still sometimes confuse right and left when I have to do something quickly.

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Reply by snowxflwrs


i'm diagnosed with dyscalculia. i'm also diagnosed gifted. hear me out:

i've always been a quick learner since i was little. i could read years above my level, and grasped concepts easily. but i could never focus, and spent most of my time in class daydreaming. eventually it got to the point where in grade 4 my teachers recommended my parents to get me tested for adhd. to nobody's surprise, the results said that i had adhd, dcd, and dyscalculia. however, they also said that i was extremely gifted; especially in math. they explained that even though i could easily understand the math concepts, my neurological condition made it difficult for me to do simple subtraction in my head. basically, i could get algebra and quadratics but not easy subtraction. today, i've found methods to work around my learning differences, and am doing math a year up, but i sure have to work a hell of a lot harder than my peers.

TLDR: i've got dyscalculia but that doesn't mean i'm stupid.

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