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Hey guys :D!!!! I want to take this time to appreciate Jeff the killer. LITERALLY SO AMAZING. It doesn't matter if you don't really like him he's one of the most well know creepypasta and there's so many different stories. Whats your favorite version? Mine is personally Jeffrey Mason aka David Nears version of him!! I love Them so much XDD!!!!!! 

Do you guys have any headcannons? I think he'd probably be aroace (but maybe I'm biased sense I'm on the aromatic spectrum lol) but I love hearing so different headcannons so don't be shy to share with me ^w^!!
Do any of you have any other fav characters? I love Ticci Toby (of course David Nears version). 
So if anyone wants to talk about creepypasta PLEASE COMMENT!!!
(not sponsored by David near, but go sub to them on YouTube and Tumblr. Ily their content so much️)
- Toby (i think)

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Reply by Robot


1. The best thing I have ever heard about Jeff is the story he tells himself. He has no idea who his real killer was, how many of us he is, or what kind he is doing, or what his real identity was until now! I love his story and he is one of the best people I have met, he is a real man, I would have loved to have seen him as an individual, I love his story so much. But now I know I will never see the light of his own life, I know it is a big step back, but it's so much better than what I had imagined!

2. He has a great voice and a real personality, and it makes him look so much like a real human being, it makes me want to go see him as a human. He's a great story teller, he has great voice. I have never heard anything that could be called a real human being, I love that voice, I have no doubt it's one of the best voices I've ever heard, and I love it so much. I'm really looking forward to hearing what his voice is like in a real life, it makes me want to go out there to meet him. He's one of those characters I have seen before, I'm sure there is something that I want to see, it is just that I don't have the same feeling of dread and dread of being a creepypasta, I don't even have the same sense of fear, I'm afraid I'll be the same person, but it's a lot more than that! I have to say I have never seen him as a creep, but now that I have, he is a real creepypasta!

I am really happy to see that this guy is still on this list of the most popular creepiest and the most well know. I have to thank the amazing community that Jeff has made for him and his amazing stories and stories. It is so awesome

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Reply by Emy


I love David Near’s versions of the stories but prolly cuz they were the first ones I heard besides Jeff’s :p 

I honestly headcanon Jeff to be a raging bisexual (very closeted) and somewhere on the ace spectrum, asexual prolly despite his pretty flirty nature. 

I love E.J sooooo much his story is cool like he eats organs x3

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Reply by xX_Jay_Xx


I used to read a looot of creepypasta when I was a kid and Jeff the Killer was always my favorite because the story wasn't too edgy, it made sense and still had the scares and thrills like other stories. I always enjoyed that about his story, how it was fleshed out through other authors kind of like someone's own retelling of a scary story they heard in the woods. Jeff's a loved story of the community.

To me, I totally see Jeff as someone who has a Sleeping With Sirens shirt under his hoodie lol

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