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black women rock!

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Like I really have not seen a forum topic about black girls like giving tips. on skincare wigs braids or just telling about your day. needing advice . please participate. I love receiving tips on how to be better myself! I want this to be a space safe for black women like myself to just let it all out and go. Better energy higher vibes!

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I'm not a black woman, but I'm sure it would have been better to have been more vocal in saying "no to the advice" and "no to this advice." I know I'm not a robot, I know that there is some truth in the idea that I have a "right to know what you think."

But there are many other things to consider.

The fact is that I am black, and I have a lot more experience in this area. It would have taken a long time and I would never have been able to do it without my white friend's support and advice from my own friends.

I know I have been a part of the conversation about this. I know I've heard from many other people, but it is important to note the many other experiences I had with black people, and the fact that I was never able to share them. This also means there is an opportunity to share my experiences and share my own experiences with black women, as they are the ones most affected by the issues of privilege that we face in our society today. This also means we need to take the time to talk to other women who share their stories of experiences with racism and discrimination and how we are going to address this issue. This also means we have the opportunity and responsibility to talk about the ways in which we have made progress and the ways we are going to be able to do the things needed to help us make the change needed for the next generation. This is also the first step towards the realization that the way to make change for black people is to change our lives and our bodies as well. We are all human, but we need to change the ways in which we are treated. We are all in this together, and that is something we are all looking forward to, so let's be real and talk about this in our own lives!

The following are the things that I think should be discussed in this forum:

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Reply by 🔮 Danitza


You should start a group for other black women to join. :) It'll be slow at first but if you keep recruiting, it'll build in no time.

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