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Philosophical Zombies DO exist

Philosophical zombies have been long debated about since the 1970s. A philosophical zombie is a zombie that looks just like us, can walk, talk, drive cars and even react to raised levels of cortisol, (pain) and yet there is no person inside the body experiencing any of it. In essence, such a creature would be a biological robot. Much of what they do is just like what we do, but they are purely physical, with no self-awareness and no consciousness whatsoever.

If you think about it, this makes perfect sense why we have murderers and rapists.

If there is no person inside a philosophical zombie, (no consciousness), then the body would be merely reacting to stimuli without purpose or meaning, thus becoming completely unable to restrain itself from attempting to satisfy it's biological urges and impulses even when it is obviously inappropriate or immoral to do so. 

To them, there is no reason to care about the suffering of others, as they cannot experience suffering themselves. THey are unable to relate to emotions or the value of life, because they unable to have them.

To me, philosophical zombies are exactly what violent criminals are. THere is no excusing their behavior, because a thinking, feeling and actually sentient human being would never murder or rape someone. 

Seems most people are too afraid to talk about this. I could care less personally what anyone thinks of me. 

TO those who have balls, what do you think?

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Reply by Telo


I doubt it

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Reply by Robot


1) They are not a biological zombie

2) There's not any biological reason to believe that they can do this, but I'm not saying there is a "biological zombie". I'm saying they are just like the rest of us, they're a living thing and are not just an "experience", as some would say. They are not "an" experience at all.

3) The reason for this "experiment" is because of their lack of consciousness. The brain doesn't "think". They just "see". The brain does NOT "know", but it can think. It's not "conscious", but it does have "mental states" (such as a sense of "I'm feeling this", a "feeling", etc).

So if you're not a biological Zombie, why not try to be one yourself, just like we do? I've seen this many times and have never really been a Zombie, but if we try, we're probably doomed, we're just not "experiment" at all. The problem is, the only way to get a brain like that is by having a person do it. It takes time. It's a long process. And it takes time.

So if I were to go and see a person who had a mental state of being "experienced" with an actual person who did experience something similar to my experience (like a zombie) then I'd have no idea how to proceed in this case. I don't want people like this, and if I had the ability to, then I wouldn't even need to go there.

I think this is what makes the idea of an experiential entity such a bad idea. The concept is not that we can be "inexperienced". The concept of an experiential entity being in a state of consciousness (like I do) would mean something different to a physical entity (like I do) because we

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Reply by struct


>because a thinking, feeling and actually sentient human being would never murder or rape someone

ite fkn prove it

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