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Favorite Vintage hardware/sim software???

Posted by kill!


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For anyone into Retrowave production: What do you guys work with? Synths, Mixers, VST's? My personal setup includes a system 1 synth as well as an SP-404sx for simulated vinyl effects or lofi production(I really love roland). Also if I really wanted to stay analog I can use my BOSS BR-532 four track recorder to lay it down but I much prefer using FL-Studio 11/12. \

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Reply by Lost Beach Boy


My background is in retrowave/synthpop/vaporwave and here are some things I do to get some different retro sounds.

I got some really great results from using the korg minilogue as a synth. It has a great analogue tone with a super cheap price tag and the outputs tend to have a lit hiss to them which can sound great if you add a bit of compression. 

I have also gotten some great tones out of using the RC-20 plugin which is a lofi plugin. I tend not to use it a whole lot now because it does end up making things sound kind of samey but it add just a bit of texture and flavor. It is also nice that you can add different versions of noise instead of just your regular vynil crackle. I tend to use the VHS or cassette option for that mechanical hiss.

Resampling over and over again in newer pieces of gear like the elektron digitakt can degrade the sound in some really pleasing ways as well which I had found out thanks to this video:
ricky tines - resampling in the digitakt over 21 times

Right now however the synth of choice is the ASM  hydrasynth and running it through either the SP-555 (chonkier sp-404) or into some of my elektron gear.

I have heard great things about the elektron analog heat mkii though im not sure if the pricetag is worth it haha.

Right now I record directly into FL studio 20 (I also use 11 but I have had stability issues) but I have also used a tascam tape recorder to add some flavor.

Last thing I swear. I definitely recommend picking up the korg volca fm 2. Its a cheap and quick way to generate some quick patterns and use those classic FM sounds.

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