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I wanna Start Streaming!

Hello lovelies! 

For a while now, I've been wanting to start up my own streaming account and stream my game plays.  I feel like it's a great way to learn about the games, especially with people telling you tips and tricks in the chat/comments.  I'm just always so busy.  I have maybe three hours to myself after work (that includes cooking, cleaning, and hygiene) and then I feel like I need to make up for all of the things I didn't get done during the week on the weekends! Not to mention I don't even have a desk set up (I use my laptop) because I just moved in with my boyfriend.  I get so overwhelmed with what feels like a lack of time and a lack of space that starting to stream feels so out of reach! Does anyone have some tips or positive feed back for me? or even just kind words in general? 

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Reply by Alice


Since streaming is new to you doing it for an 1hr or 2 should be fine for you to get the feel of things and to learn what you'll need to improve on.

Once your comfortable you should be able to stream for longer hours if you have the time. What matters most though is you having fun. 

You'll have to do some research and tinkering with programs to see which best works for you laptop to stream.

Since your on laptop I would suggest looking into OBS, on an old windows 7 PC I would record a visual novel for 30 minutes before it bunkered out lol. [PC was built for office use and not gaming]

Overall if you like it invest in a proper gaming PC. It will be a big upgrade!

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Reply by Seeker


3 best tips for any streamer

1. schedule (most important)
-This keeps people coming back cause they know when you're online

2. fill out your channel a bit with info
-people like it when it doesn't look dead
-Blank = dead and wasted space also means answering questions a lot when FAQ can be there.

3. Don't worry about BS
-Have bots do the work and ban links automatically
-If you don't want to respond, don't, never have your chat showing in stream as you are responsible for it.
-People ask a lot of personal questions or want to jump in game, that can lead to bad times.
-Unknown people who want to join in the game are usually gonna cause more issues than they're worth.

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Reply by Seeker


Things you can use

Mixitup bot, many features for free, no costs and does more than most bots out there.

Touchportal, $30 streamdeck (tablet / phone is the deck)

Restream is free for sending to 2 sites at once.

Camera option for low cost - droidcam
Camera is usually hella small as is in streams

Nvidia broadcast - free and stops keyboard input getting in, also good using for discord input to block out other's keyboards. Webcam option tho can crash OBS so wouldn't use it yet....

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