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No Lives Matter

If you were put in a situation where you could either save the life of a loved one or the lives of a group of strangers,  which would you save and why? What rationale or moral law(s)—if any—would guide your decision? 

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Reply by Mark Cobb


No time for justifications, I'm all about my people.

If I'm not there for Coco, Amanda, and Max, then who would I be there for?
"The Devil take order now, I'll to the throng.  Let life be short, else shame will be too long."

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Reply by Wolfgang Carstens



I agree with you fully and completely. For me, the question is a no brainer as well.

What interests me here is how such a decision jives with established moral laws. We live in a democracy, for example, whose guiding principle is to produce the greatest good for the greatest number. We can, of course, imagine how such a decision would play out with Kant’s categorical imperative. The most interesting formulation occurs when we put it up against the golden rule. Here, we must acknowledge that one’s position in the triangle may well influence one’s decision. 

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