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New Book Review and Critique ~ A Tree Frog's Eyes

I received a critical book review from the Online Book Club. My review of the review is that it is okay, nothing super stellar, but it is what it is. 


A Tree Frog's Eyes by David E. Navarro is a book of haiku exploring the integral essence and beauty of nature....The poems explore the essence of nature and the four seasons of spring, summer, winter, and autumn....Written in simple yet profound diction, the haiku poems contained in this book compel deep introspection and thinking by the reader....I appreciate the extensive effort made by the author in the foreword to provide the reader with additional and background information which will help him to better understand the poems that follow....I did not discover a single grammatical error in this book....The book was accompanied by pictures and illustrations, which added to my pleasure while reading this book....I do not hesitate to give this book of poetry a perfect 4 out of 4 stars. This is a great piece of literature for those who are experienced in haiku and those who want to understand more about this profound form of poetry.... (NC Kennedy)   

READ THE FULL REVIEW by the Online Book Club Organization: 

Review of A Tree Frog's Eyes


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