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Weekly Releases for 12/3/2021

Posted by Mitch


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Hi all! I hope that everyone is doing well! I can go ahead and start a weekly list of all known Metalcore and Metalcore-related releases for the group. These will include releases that are out now, on up to the Friday's date posted in the title for each week. I know that Anxo does have a nice running list of Youtube singles that are worth checking out! However, I can keep tabs on all releases per week for everyone and then make a new forum post for each one. These will be a text only list, so be sure to make use of google, spotify or whatever means you have to look them up!

(Please feel free to respond in the comments or message me if I missed any, so that I can get it added to the list!)

See below for this first week's releases of delicious Metalcore for 12/3/2021 :


The Browning - End of Existence (Metalcore/Electronic)

Of Mice & Men - Echo (Metalcore)

No Bragging Rights - No Bragging Rights EP (Melodic Hardcore)

Like Pacific - Control My Sanity (Pop-Punk/Alternative Rock)

Static Dress - Prologue EP (Hardcore)

Eyes Set To Kill - Danma EP (Post-Hardcore)

Famous Last Words - The Negative EP (Post-Hardcore)

Roses Are Dead - Waking Nightmare EP (Metalcore)

Arriving Home - Part I: Truth EP (Metalcore)

DeadVectors - The Depths Of Self (Deathcore/Metalcore/Electronic) out now

Psy:Code - Psvcode (Industrial Metal/Metalcore)

Kill Her First - Empty Hands EP (Metalcore)

Heiress - Distant Fires (Post-Hardcore/Sludge Metal)

Kavrila - Mor (Post-Hardcore/Sludge Metal)

Agony By Default - A Serenade for Eternity (Symphonic Melodeath)


And Hell Followed With - The Well(ft. Duncan Bentley )

Invisions - DVPE

Fit For An Autopsy - In Shadows

Vatican - Decemeta

Eskimo Callboy - Pump It

Affiance - The Line

Villain Of The Story - Losing Control

Within Destruction - Self Hatred 2.0

Diamond Construct - Hit it Back

Whether, I - In My Head

Watch Out Stampede - Goddess

Comeback Kid - Crossed

Modern Life Is War - Survival

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