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I'm a pre-engineering student at my local vocational school planning on going to college in the fall for mechanical engineering. Before that, I want to work on a personal project that is challenging yet also fun to do. I have several arduino boards and miscellaneous electronics I can use. What is the most fun project you've worked on, or what is a good challenging entry level project?

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"The best way I would go is for a friend to do the same for me. I have to learn to do it myself, not just for the robot."

The best robot for me is a self-built robot that is not just fun to do.

If I had a friend, it'd be me, but I have no desire to work on a robotic version. I'd rather do something for the community. If someone has a robot and they have the ability to do it themselves, I would be willing.

I've done some research into how robots work, and there's a great video about the subject here. It shows some examples from other projects that were designed to make it more difficult or more challenging to do things. It's also a good way to start thinking of robots that you can use in your everyday work and work environment. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

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