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Formal introduction

Hello My names Jess or Kindness Queen either one works im the owner of this group. feel free to post whatever you want no innopropriate stuff as im a minor at 14 so yep and bye

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Reply by ☾★Luna★☽


Hi! I'm Luna and I like music and gaming. I'm from Long Island. <3

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Reply by Kindness Queen


Nice to meet you I made this group when I was experimenting with being bisexual so im not Bi But I wholly support LGBTQ+

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Reply by Madam Whiskers


lmao with me there's 2 Lunas here! anyway, im Luna tho u can also call me Ciel, im 15, bisexual and aroacespec!

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Reply by Yurem_v4l


Hiiii! my name yurem but my friends call me Emi, im bisexual and i am from arizona. My pronouns are he/they/she and im genderfluid :) 

I like to draw, my fav color is lavender, and i like to play minecraft and roblox lol.
My fav tv shows are euphoria, greys anatomy and this show called mariposa de barrio.
My fav artists are mitsky, doja cat, conan gray, marina, and jenni rivera.

yup thats all:) thanks for reading<3

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