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Who has had paranormal experiences 

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Reply by badwolf


I have.

I've had many throughout my life although it would take quite awhile to remember or list them all.

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Reply by Elian Hollow


I have had far...far too many since I was at least 7 or 6. Worst part is that they haven't gone away even at 29 years old. If you want, I can elaborate. It's late at night right now so I don't feel like talking about it at the moment.

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Reply by Cody


I have had quite a few but the most memorable was when my parents and I had first moved into our new house. At the time I was around 10-11. It was out in the countryside on about 26 acres of land, which was mostly a forest kind of area. The house itself was great, but on the weekends when my parents would work, I would have the house to myself and I would hear things like footsteps or what sounded like doors opening and closing. It got to the point to where I would even carry a baseball bat to check each room, to ensure I was actually alone.

Fast-forward a couple of weeks after the sounds started occurring a lot and I had this insane nightmare where I was lying in bed and suddenly I was swarmed with thousands of fire ants, so I woke up screaming. My parents rushed into the room and made sure I was okay, even stripping down my bed and checking to for anything that could have been on me but nothing was there. After I calmed down a bit, I got back into bed and looked up to the ceiling, where a vent was located, and immediately felt ice cold. I shit you not, there were two red, glowing eyes staring back at me from inside of the vent. I immediately used a pillow to cover my face, and when I looked back, it was gone. 
After that, I could swear I kept seeing shadows out of the corner of my eye, walking around our house when I was alone. 

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