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What brings you those warm fuzzies of nostalgia?

Share some stuff that you remember that made you happy back when you could feel joy, with a description if you want

closeup of hit clip player
i had "the tide is high" performed by atomic kitten

i remember in grade school everyone hating on her hardcore but Lucky was like my #1 song for years

"that's hawt" was practically a trigger for me to hit people by the end of their reality TV run

i was never allowed to have this lol

I FOUND THE ORIGINAL SOCK'EM BOPPERS, all my image searching was giving me the knockoffs and I was feeling hardcore mandela effect vibes

every year i'd watch their year in reviews :)

degrassi, o'grady, and south of nowhere got me through some rough times when i was 15

this is just the random shit that popped into my head. share whatever is popping into your head!

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The simpsonsĀ 

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