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a video of me/Joe Winko exploring the path of the Deadliest and Longest track tornado in US history. The Tri-State tornado (Missouri, Illinois, & Indiana)

Posted by Joe Winko


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Here's a video of me from summer of 2019 of me exploring the path of the Tri-State tornado! It was the deadliest tornado in US history and the longest tracked tornado in the world. It traveled a distance of 219 miles through the states of Missouri, Illinois, & Indiana.

I wanted to film a video about exactly where this tornado hit and how far it went. So in summer of 2019, my adoptive Dad took me on a roadtrip through the tri-state tornado path and i filmed this video :)

Please let me know what you think of it :D

Also, i'm always looking for more friends to go on roadtrips with so i can film more videos like this, so if you're interested, just send me a message :) I live in Florida.

Let me know what you think of the video :D :D :D 

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