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Intro like we really Need them [pinned]

Posted by Kitten


Forum: Vampirefreaks Group

Vf name:
Date of Birth:

Relationship Status: 
Zodiac sign: 

Hobbies & Interests: 
Bad Habits: 
Addicted to: 

Interested to Meet in Person:  
Looking for:

Favorite Person:
Favorite Bands/Artists:  
Favorite Movies: 
Favorite TV Shows: 
Favorite Video Games: 
Favorite Sports:  
Favorite Books:  
Favorite Animal:
Favorite Quotes 

Favorite Food & Drink:  
Favorite Color:
Favorite Season:
Favorite Style: 

Arts, Paintings, Vinyls, Vintage Items etc.. : 

Other Social Media, Website etc.. :


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Reply by Kitten


Name: kitten 
Vf name: stargazinglette
Age: 32
Date of Birth: feb 4
Country: Canada
City: Ottawa
Origins: mixed or multi 

Gender: female
Pronouns: her/ she
Relationship Status: getting married 
Zodiac sign: Aquarius 

Hobbies & Interests:  writing
Bad Habits: swearing 
Addicted to: tattoo piercings and guages hair dye

Interested to Meet in Person: my soon to be boyfriend 
Looking for: friends only
Occupation: author

Favorite Person: me
Favorite Bands/Artists: limp bizkit, icp, Marylin manson, pig, 
Favorite Movies: Japanese yakuza films
Favorite TV Shows:midnight gospel 
Favorite Video Games:no
Favorite Sports: martial arts 
Favorite Books:  EVERYTHING
Favorite Animal:peacock, wolf, bat
Favorite Quotes oh ****!

Favorite Food & Drink: no alcohol or drugs 
Favorite Color:pink, blue, purple
Favorite Season:fall
Favorite Style: punk

Pets: beta fish
Arts, Paintings, Vinyls, Vintage Items etc.. : vinyl records and CDs. 

Instagram: not telling
Facebook: kitten.melanson893
Other Social Media, Website etc.. :novelcat, Webnovel, Wattpad, bookrix, FanFiction.Net, Amazon, bhooks,Booknet 

PS: As you can tell I am a goth and punk girl with lotta facial piercings I am also going by the name gods if you were to look me up on Facebook. I’m planning on changing it to kitten. I am a fun loving girl I’m also honourable and loyal to my friends and family

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Reply by shorty


Name: Shorty!
Vf name: (been so long I can't remember)
Country: USA

Gender: Transmasc NB
Relationship Status: Taken <3
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Hobbies & Interests: Anime, Cosplay, cross stitch, camping, cooking
Bad Habits: Picking my nails, leaving cups everywhere
Addicted to: caffeine, food 

Interested to Meet in Person:  NO
Looking for: online friends
Occupation: Case Worker

Favorite Bands/Artists:  Sueco, Linkin Park, Rain Paris, Country, Alt, Pearl Jam, P!nk, Matt Maeson
Favorite Movies: Alien, My Cousin Vinny, Blazing Saddles, 9 to 5, Best Little Whore House In Texas, got a couple more
Favorite TV Shows: MHA, Demon Slayer, Letter Kenny
Favorite Video Games: Minecraft, COD, Dragon's Dogma, ACNH
Favorite Sports:  watching hockey irl
Favorite Books:  Dresden series, Salem's Lot, The Martian
Favorite Animal: bat

Favorite Food & Drink:  Potatoes, Ethiopian, Steak, Japanese
Favorite Color: dark green, like evergreen
Favorite Season: Fall and Winter
Favorite Style: grunge

Plants: I struggle to keep plants alive but I love carnations and wisteria
Arts, Paintings, Vinyls, Vintage Items etc.. : Francisco Goya Black Paintings

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