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Intros to eachother [pinned]

Date of Birth: 

Relationship Status:
Zodiac sign: 

Hobbies & Interests:  
Bad Habits:
Addicted to: 

Interested to Meet in Person:
Looking for: 
Date of diagnosis or age: 
Coping mechanisms : 

Favorite Person: 
Favorite Bands/Artists: 
Favorite Movies: 
Favorite TV Shows:
Favorite Video Games:
Favorite Sports:
Favorite Books:
Favorite Animal:
Favorite Quotes 

Favorite Food & Drink: 
Favorite Color:
Favorite Season:
Favorite Style: 

Arts, Paintings, Vinyls, Vintage Items etc.. : 

Other Social Media, Website etc.. :

PS: your story

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Reply by Kitten


Name: kitten 
Age: 32
Date of Birth: feb 4
City: Lanark Ontario 
Origins:white, Arab, Indian ( India), asia.

Gender: female
Pronouns: she\her
Relationship Status: getting married 
Zodiac sign: Aquarius 

Hobbies & Interests: writing.
Bad Habits: swearing, anger, picking nose (ewwww), flashbacks and nightmares, getting new personalities 
Addicted to: tattoos, piercings and hair dye but not for pain purposes just to look nice

Interested to Meet in Person: my future husband
Looking for: friends
Date of diagnosis or age: 20 for ptsd (by doctor) did by self knowledge 
Coping mechanisms : music, writing,art, photography 

Favorite Person: my future husband
Favorite Bands/Artists: anything that’s not Christian 
Favorite Movies: yakuza films
Favorite TV Shows: midnight gospel 
Favorite Video Games: none
Favorite Sports: martial arts
Favorite Books: anything and everything 
Favorite Animal:peacock, wolf, bat
Favorite Quotes oh ****!!!

Favorite Food & Drink: non alcoholic 
Favorite Color: pink
Favorite Season: Sumer, autumn
Favorite Style: whatever

Pets: beta fish
Arts, Paintings, Vinyls, Vintage Items etc.. : yes lots of vinyl records a Redford player, cds and CD player and looking for art

Instagram: nope
Facebook: kitten.melanson893
Other Social Media, Website etc.. : Webnovel, wattpad, novel cat, bookrix, Booknet, bhooks, Amazon as Elena scully 

PS: I was born in a war zone 32 years ago called Romania and was abused and mistreated and had my human rights violated severely as a baby until I was two years old when I was adopted then I was severely bullied for being Asian and for being PTSD. I was threatened with every kind of pressure and there was forgetting into a fight with a kid who called me the r word.  And I have comorbid complex PTSD and I also have a little bit of dissociative identity disorder sometimes my brain splits in the different personalities at times of stress. Other than that I’ve had a good life but it’s been bittersweet.

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Reply by Jiru Mitsubishi


Date of Birth: October 31
Country: japan

Gender: male
Pronouns: my mother called me an it
Relationship Status: getting married to kitten 
Zodiac sign: I really don’t know

Hobbies & Interests:  tattooing and designing tattoos, martial arts 
Bad Habits:sakè
Addicted to: sakè

Interested to Meet in Person:kitten 
Looking for: nothing
Date of diagnosis or age: I just know I two other personalities because of something that my mom threatened me with 
Coping mechanisms : I used to like the fast things in life and be tough but that didn’t help 

Favorite Person: kitten 
Favorite Bands/Artists: 
Favorite Movies: yakuza film 
Favorite TV Shows: none 
Favorite Video Games:way of the samurai 2, samurai warriors
Favorite Sports:karate, tae kwon do, Kung fu
Favorite Books:yakuza
Favorite Animal: hate animals
Favorite Quotes anything from the Dalai Lama

Favorite Food & Drink: sakè
Favorite Color:red and black
Favorite Season:fall
Favorite Style: traditional Japanese 

Pets: koi pond 
Arts, Paintings, Vinyls, Vintage Items etc.. : old vinyl and cds

Instagram: no
Other Social Media, Website etc.. :no

PS: my mother threaten me all the time with the cutting of ears finger and with the katana.   Didn’t get pass reading and writing because of bullies.  Know of my father’s heritage but not him.  I cannot make a living other then through yakuza, martialarts and tattooing.    I am very traditional.  Tibetan Buddhist 

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Reply by Comorbid Bunny


Name:kitten Mitsubishi 
Age: 32
Date of Birth: feb 4
City: Ottawa 
Origins: everywhere

Gender: female
Pronouns: she/ her/ they/ them
Relationship Status: married
Zodiac sign: Aquarius 

Hobbies & Interests:  art
Bad Habits:art
Addicted to: art

Interested to Meet in Person:my husband
Looking for: friendship
Date of diagnosis or age: ptsd 20 yo did I self diagnosed 
Coping mechanisms : art

Favorite Person: Trevor Henderson’
Favorite Bands/Artists: icp 
Favorite Movies: ghibili 
Favorite TV Shows: Netflix 
Favorite Video Games: PicsArt count
Favorite Sports: none
Favorite Books: look at my profile 
Favorite Animal: cute animals
Favorite Quotes one man crazy is  another mans reality

Favorite Food & Drink: non alcoholic 
Favorite Color:pink
Favorite Season:fall
Favorite Style:emo 

Pets: beta fish
Plants:  killed a few air planets
Arts, Paintings, Vinyls, Vintage Items etc.. : nothing

Instagram: no
Facebook: no
Other Social Media, Website etc.. : deviant art

PS: I am an artist who has did and ptsd and does art to make people aware of mental illness.   Not creepy

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Reply by Alexis D.


Age: 32
Date of Birth: June, 10, 1989
City: Toronto 
Origins: Irish and Russian

Gender: female lesbian 
Pronouns: she/ her/ lesbian/they/ them
Relationship Status:in relationship 
Zodiac sign: to stoned to know

Hobbies & Interests:  sorry
Bad Habits:addictions
Addicted to: anything and everything

Interested to Meet in Person: my girlfriend 
Looking for: whatever I can
Date of diagnosis or age: 30
Coping mechanisms : drugs, alcohol, professional girl if you know what I mean.  

Favorite Person: violentj
Favorite Bands/Artists: insane clown posse 
Favorite Movies: everything triggers me
Favorite TV Shows: triggers me
Favorite Video Games:nope
Favorite Sports:everything triggers me 
Favorite Books:everything triggers me
Favorite Animal:everything triggers me
Favorite Quotes everything triggers me 

Favorite Food & Drink: Ike get high or stoned
Favorite Color: pink, black, blue
Favorite Season: maybe fall i dun no
Favorite Style: whorish 

Arts, Paintings, Vinyls, Vintage Items etc.. : paintings modern surreal art 

Instagram: no
Facebook: no
Other Social Media, Website etc.. :nope

PS: what started this was a little Japanese mobster who thought he was in love with me so I humor him.  And he assaults me in a horrific way.  Because of rules I cannot say exactly the nature of what happened.  All I can say is that I can not have children it was so bad.

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Reply by Mollie Bernard


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Reply by Alyx Quinn


Name: namefluid/ask, alyx/kole
Age: 18
Date of Birth: 07/19/05
Country: [REDACTED]
Origins: traumagenic

Gender: genderfluid
Pronouns: pronounfluid/ask, any xcept she
Relationship Status: single, looking, fluidamorous
Zodiac sign: cancer ♋️ 

Interested to Meet in Person: no
Looking for: n/a
Date of diagnosis or age: 16-17
Coping mechanisms : n/a

Favorite Bands/Artists: BTS, one ok rock
Favorite Movies: avatar, avatar: way of the water
Favorite TV Shows: van helsing, the 100, riverdale
Favorite Video Games: the elder scrolls v: Skyrim
Favorite Sports: soccer, equestrianism, swimming
Favorite Books: smut
Favorite Animal: felines

Favorite Color: black & all shades of blue
Favorite Season: spring & fall…also October but ik that’s a month
Favorite Style: black, alternative

Pets: Sadie Mae (rat terrier mix), Johnny Walker (rat terrier mix boxer), maggie (dachshund), Toby (rat terrier mix old English sheepdog), murphy (Doberman pinscher) [Rest in Peace], Haley dog (alaskan husky) [Rest in Peace] 

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Reply by {Tax collector}


Name: Emalyn
Age: 16
Date of Birth: October 17
Country: US
City: Dallas
Origins: White, Mexican, and Irish (idk weird just found out)

Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/her
Relationship Status: In relationship but complicated
Zodiac sign: Libra

Hobbies & Interests:  Music, singing, piano
Bad Habits: swearing and anger issues a bit
Addicted to: can't say

Interested to Meet in Person: any celebrity 
Looking for: friends who understand
Date of diagnosis or age: don't remember honestly
Coping mechanisms : blasting music 

Favorite Person: All my friends
Favorite Bands/Artists: Bts, Lovejoy, Mother Mother, Nirvana, and Greenday
Favorite Movies: Top gun Maverick, and other just forgot
Favorite TV Shows: Meteor garden, 9-1-1, The rookie
Favorite Video Games:Gituar hero
Favorite Sports: Basketball,and cheer
Favorite Books: twilight
Favorite Animal: Kittens, puppy, Killer whales, and cougars
Favorite Quotes Idk

Favorite Food & Drink: shrimp and Dr pepper
Favorite Color: Black, white, grey
Favorite Season: Fall
Favorite Style: Grunge

Pets: 4, 2 cats 2 dogs
Arts, Paintings, Vinyls, Vintage Items etc.. : None

Instagram: Nope
Other Social Media, Website etc.. :Nope

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