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First show?

The first show I went to was Bizzar Bizaar at the Maritime Hall in SF which is no longer there.

They had a big hardwood floor that was completely flooded with Faygo by the end of the night.

I saw these ninjas wrestling, doing leg drops and body slams which was the Sactown Juggalo crew.

Sabu was on stage diving into the crowd.  I got Sabu-ed by Sabu!

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Reply by Macky


havent been to one yet, but I was hype to go to an ICP show in leesburg, VA but due to the pandemic it was cancelled/post-poned. Im definitely going to go to one since im vaccinated now.

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Reply by Smxth


Have been listening since mid 90's but did not go to my first show until 2003? wish been so long.  It was in SF but I can't remember the venue,  spent the evening taking Fargo to the face.  Never looked back.  Cant count how many shows I have been to now. 

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Reply by Relish Ubiquitous


There were a bunch of shows at The Pound, which I think got closed also.  That was where the Big Money Hustlas tour stopped at, unfortunately for that particular show they weren't able to make it happen so instead they sent a merch truck to give stuff away.  Mad ninjas were dressed up like characters from the movie.  I had a Hack Benjamin hookup with a Faygo supersoaker.   Around 2006 Shaggy had a solo show there for F.T.F.O.  

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