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Fav/Least Fav Deporitaz/Early Lemon Demon Tracks?

I barely see anyone talk about the Deporitaz/Early Lemon Demon albums (aka Clown Circus and Candle Shop), so I want to know what your favorite and least favorite tracks are from each album you've listened to.

Here are mine:

Fav: A Depressing Song
Least Fav: AAAAAHHHH!!!!! (I'm not gonna try to actually spell that one right), I feel like most people would pick Rockin' Drumbs as their least favorite on this album since it's barebones, but at least that one's short. I think AAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!'s pretty boring and lasts too long.

Microwave This CD
Fav: Untitled
Least Fav: LeChuck is Dumb (this is a remix of LeChuck's theme by the way)

Fav: The World's Worst Secret Track
Least Fav: Wizard Hat Pie (Now, I don't like Shmorky, but them being in the song isn't actually what kills it for me, I just think it sucks by default)

Clown Circus
Fav: Hazel's Modus Operandi
Least Fav: Lemon Demon (I don't think this is a bad song, but it's still my least favorite out of the bunch)

Live from the Haunted Candle Shop
Fav: Boat
Least Fav: Without my Tonsils (this feels underbaked compared to every other track)

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Reply by hubert breast


My fav is def "Hyakugojyuuichi 2003"! :) Everything about it (other than shmorky) is so cool! That or the original "I Know Your Name" its pretty cool B)

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Reply by Catalystl


I like Neil's Birdhouse In Your Soul cover and Sam n Max Disco, but hate his Bicycle Race cover.

Whenever I listen to MTCD, I usually skip over Murray Mix and the sped up version because I think they drag on for too long, and because I get tired of hearing the same Murray voice clips over and over again.

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Reply by lillygutz⭐️


def hyakugojuichi 2003, literally slaps SO HARD

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