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Taboo Books

Posted by Erika


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This is a SAFE place to talk about books that have taboo content within their pages. Taboo can mean anything from BDSM to unethical scientific experiments to age gap romances that involve minors. 


NOTE: While this is a safe place to talk about said subjects, PLEASE use trigger warnings when talking about these. Some people use these kinds of books to grow and heal, and still may need a warning as to the content of a book. Also, just because these are books we enjoy reading, that does not mean that myself nor others condone or support the actions of these books in a real life setting. Taboo books help us to explore the boundaries of humanity in a safe way that does not endanger or hurt people in real life, and we must respect that.

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Reply by Erika


Tender Is The Flesh; Agustina Bazterrica

Triggers: Cannibalism, scenes of processing humans as we do livestock

This book is DARK and ADULT. Not a romance in the original sense of the word, though there are romantic qualities. But the animals of the world have become poisonous to humans, and so humanity has started breeding and growing humans, or 'specimens' to eat. Our MC is a worker at one of the processing plants and finds a 'specimen' that he finds interesting, thus unraveling the whole "why are we eating people" thing. 

It's a really interesting commentary on the animal production world. I was talking with a girl on TikTok, and she's vegetarian, and she was saying that this in reality is no different that what we currently do with our animals. And no, she's not wrong. It's absolutely written to make you rethink what we do to animals. But personally, I grew up around beef cows and knowing that our animals make our meat and leather and such. So take what you read with a pinch of salt, but it's a fascinating viewpoint on the animal production industry and market.

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