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January 14th, 2005 

It was all very sudden. One minute she was here, next to me. The other, she had left.

 I still don’t know where she is, which bothers me. My pessimism reminds me she is 6 feet under. My optimism tells me she is in heaven.

 My self doubt wonders whether she is here, next to me, taking care of me and asking me not to cry.

But, frankly, how am I supposed to stop crying? She is gone. 
Sophie is gone.
She was only 36 years old when she left, on the fateful night of December 29th, 2004. 

She was all a I knew. I was all she cared about. Whatever took her... I couldn’t protect her from it. And I feel miserable about it.

I hope we meet again. I hope there’s an afterlife where souls get to find each other. I will find you, mom. 

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