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Metal fusions :P

so! since anxo said she found she liked bands that mix metal and electronic music, i thought i'd share a favorite of mine that kind of fits the bill:



I HATE U (It's Not A Play On Words)

set me free:

they're a japanese band called SiM (silence iz mine). they define themselves as "reggae-punk" and the term is fitting but i also find they have metalcore and kind of electronic aspects :). you have to give them a long chance to hear the diversity in their discography tho, but they're worth it in my opinion.

i generally love bands that mix metal with other genres, so i'd love to get some more recs from you guys if you have any <3

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Reply by Anxo


Ooooh great! I'll listen to them asap!

Meanwhile, I recommend Hora Zulu. They mix metal with rap and flamenco and they are great.
I've been trying to choose a song, but I simply can't, so, look for their albums, specially the first ones.

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Reply by RikkaTikka


Ahhh SiM is awesome I love them

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