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New Members Please Read [pinned]

Posted by Erika


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Hi everyone! Welcome to the BookTok side of MySpace  SpaceHey! My name is Erika, @_airwreka_reads_ on TikTok, and I am the founder of this group. 

Please introduce yourself with your name, TikTok handle (if applicable), and your current read. Be sure to Friend those with similar book interests. But remember, Kindness Is Key. Please be respectful of those who like different books than you.

1) If you have nothing nice to say, then don't say anything at all. Hate is NOT tolerated on this page and you will be promptly removed. If you SEE hate happening, please DM me (or other moderators when there are some) and I/we will get on it ASAP.
2) Trigger warnings are a MUST. Just because you don't need them, doesn't mean others don't. If a certain trigger is a spoiler for a book, write it down as Spoilers In Triggers.

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