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Posted by Nomad


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Just a question for the few in this group lol. 

Which gun would you most likely buy, for your first gun?

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Reply by Jesse the Destroyer


I've been wondering this for a while now for myself but I think I might buy either a 1911 or a revolver.

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Reply by Telo


I very much enjoy black powder weapons, so a kentucky long rifle would be nice. Any black powder revolver would make me happy as well.

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Reply by Deleted User


my first gun rifle was the sig saur 716
my first hand gun was the m9 baretta

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Reply by brady


This one is difficult bc of state restrictions but my dream guns are currently;


Makarov PM

Stechkin APS


Sig Sauer P320-XTEN 10mm

and some others

I'm mostly a soviet arms fan so it's likely i'll be in search for one as my first firearm

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