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The method I use for throwing the I Ching

This is a very simple online method.

The idea behind consulting the I Ching is that you form an intent and ask a question, not a yes or no question but more of a broad and generalized question about how to proceed down a current path or deal with a situation etc.  

1)  Form your intent and ask your question.

2)  Go to the PHP script webpage kindly hosted at:

The descriptions of the hexagram results are general on this page.

For more detail find your hexagram results at:

This website is an awesome resource and contains great references.

Consult this table if you are unsure of the hexagram number:

A fast way is to search terms like "increase" which would be hexagram 42, etc.

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Reply by Mito7


I Ching method I use is the sticks. But coins are fine also. 

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Reply by Relish Ubiquitous


I just came across this excellent resource/commentary for the I Ching:


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