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What have you been working on recently?

Posted by Catalystl


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Recently, I made a fullscreen option for html5 game maker games in iframes. It makes use of two js files, one that allows the game iframe to be fullscreened, and one inside the iframe that detects window resizes, and scales the game canvas to fit the whole screen.

I haven't put that up on my site though because I'm busy updating other parts of it right now.

I've also been working on this game guyman for a while, which doesn't use a game engine.

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Reply by Positron832


I'm not really working on anything aside from styling up the group's page again. Otherwise mostly exploring and learning new cool things about CSS and HTML.

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Reply by anoncarrot


PHP Message boards

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Reply by Miguel


Since my Uni finals are all finished up. I am now working on learning about web development. I am starting out by watching a YouTube course. Wish me luck!

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