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Where to watch Japanese Vtubers! [pinned]

Posted by cooldude94


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There are plenty of English speaking VTubers nowadays, in fact they dominate the charts.
But there are still many of us who enjoy the Japanese streamers or want to.
So this list is for the people who either want to get into the Japanese streamers or just want to have a good place to go to watch them but don't speak Japanese themselves.

Here I will compile a useful list of channels that clip and translate JP VTubers, I intend to expand this list as I go! But these can be good places to sub to or check frequently for more translate content.


The List:
  • NIJISANJI English Official - Whilst this channel seems to be predominantly for their EN branch, they actually do upload translate clips and compilations of their JP streamers too! It's all official as well so it's probably the most accurate and reliable translations you're gonna find.
  • Vtube Tengoku - A very popular Vtuber subtitle channel that claims to be run by a professional translator. Uploads very frequently.
  • OtakMori Translations - VTubers - A fairly popular Vtuber sub channel that frequently posts short clips. The accuracy of their translations has come under scrutiny before, so not the most reliable though still better than nothing.
  • Aonahara Translations - A collection of people who translate vtuber clips, they include streamers outside of Hololive quite often and upload on a semi-weekly basis.
  • VtuberBits - Translates typically longer videos and even almost entire playthroughs occasionally. Uploads on a semi-biweekly basis.
  • Qubec - Translates extremely long streams as a series and uploads infrequently.


If you have any more that you know feel free to leave them down below and I might add them to the list!

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