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RULES! [pinned]

These rules will be strictly enforced with low tolerance and no warning necessary, so be sure you follow them closely when posting and interacting with the group!


  • 1. No harassment, trolling, or general disrespect to other members!
  • 2. All ages my join, so keep this in mind! This means no NSFW of any sort.
  • 3. Keep swearing to a minimum! Absolutely no slurs of any sort will be tolerated.
  • 4. No posts about dating! This isn't the place.
  • 5. Do not give out personal information! Keep yourself and others' information safe! This means no social media, names, numbers, addresses, locations, schools, places of employment, etc.
  • 6. No spam!
  • 7. No shady links! Keep links to YouTube and Twitter.
  • 8. Stay on topic! This is a place to discuss VTubers, keep it that way.
For the time being these are all the rules, they are subject to change and additions. Please feel free to let me know if you have any suggestions!

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