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Getting Started????

I've wanted to be in a band since I was very young, but just told myself it would never happen.
But lately, I really want to try and look into having a band, or at least starting to sing publicly some.

Any tips??

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Reply by XxmikasaurxX


that’s awesome! as someone who is in a band rn, i say go for it:D depending on your situation, meeting people with the same music interests might either be super easy or annoyingly challenging. but no matter what, make friends! 

practice singing often and focus on what makes your voice unique and if you write songs, learn guitar or any acoustic instrument and give songwriting a go. if and when u get a group of friends together pitch your songs to them as your first song for the band and make changes as you go. 

the biggest thing is confidence and not being scared to go for it. if it’s been a longtime dream, be prepared to work for it!

finally, when you’re meeting people, focus on making friends first. great bands mostly are connected by seeing friendships. instead of focusing on who would be the best person to join your band, focus on their personality and how well you would get along and how well you can work together.

best of luck! IM me if u need anything else or have any questions <33 may the dreamers never die!!

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