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Reply by FrankiValerie


Hey there! I'm Franki & I use She/Her pronouns!

I first played Mass Effect in 2013 because my best friend was playing Mass Effect 3, loving it, and would not shut up about how great it was. I got tired of not knowing all the jokes and references so I told her 'either shut up about these games, or loan me your copies so I can play them and know what the f- you're talking about.  So she went home, grabbed her copies of the games, came back over and we played Mass Effect together.  I've been in love with the games, universe, lore and characters ever since! 

I usually play as a Renegade FemShep, Ruthless Earthborn Soldier, and my go-to romance is, of course, Liara then Garrus.  In my Legendary Playthrough I finally broke the cycle!!! ... and did all the same things but romanced Liara, Garrus THEN TRAYNOR! Big character growth, very proud of myself. (lol).  

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