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Stone Ocean "News" Review

Posted by Genesis


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We were tricked. Unfortunately there was no character designs, trailer, or even an episode...

It was the Jolyne PNG and another date! How annoying.

The date for the next Stone Ocean event is August 8th, 2021, according to the slide shown about the event, it said to check the JoJo twitter for updates (which I did). The event will be FOR FREE on the Warner Bros. Japan Anime YouTube and will be FILLED with information about Stone Ocean! It will also have English subtitles.

We don't currently have a specific time for the event, but I'm sure you guys will be glad that we don't have to pay/watch someone stream it.

Despite my disappointment, I'm glad that it's confirmed that we are definitely getting news next event, maybe me watching the entire hour wasn't a waste.

Looking forward to August!

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