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Favorite Producers and Songs You Recommend?

I'm really curious of what people's favorite producers are, and why you like them.

For me, I really like:
 Wowaka, his style is really unique in the Vocaloid community. I miss him :(. I really like his more unpopular ones like Boku No Sainou, or Line Art. I recommend those if you already listened to the more popular ones.(I can't find links to the remastered ones, they sound better than the original versions)

DECO*27, mostly his older music. His new music is good, but doesn't have the charm of his older ones tbh... Maybe its just my nostalgia lol. I like Ai Kotoba, Mozaik Role, Two Breaths Walking, Yowamushi Mont Blanc, and Chocolate Beats to name a few.

Keeno, I like how he uses Miku Dark Append, and his music just sounds beautiful. I recommend all his songs.

Heavenz, I simply love his style of music, the song Round Around is a really good one I recommend besides Strangers of course.

Easypop, his songs are just fun to listen to, Happy Synthesizer is really nostalgic to me. I also really like My Room Disco Night a lot. It does gives a bit of 90s vibes.

AVtechNO!, I think their songs are what really makes me love and appreciate techno more than I used to. I recommend pretty much all their songs to check out.

(I might update this, or make a whole blog post on my page instead)

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Reply by MystSaphyr


Ahh I love EasyPop as well! His stuff is so peppy and fun. Also I legit never see anyone talk about AVtechNO! anymore so that made me really happy to see!!

Here's my list:

JimmyThumbP was my very first favorite producer I ever encountered. Escape, Starduster and From Y to Y were among the earliest Vocaloid songs I heard and I got hooked. Also his Luka V4X remaster of No Logic deserves to be played at concerts I am SO MAD that Crypton hasn't used it yet, the updated vocal tuning vs the original is just *chef's kiss* (ALSO ALSO his Luka 10th anniversary song Memory is just... aaaaaaaaa it's just got that pleasant air of nostalgia I associate with his earlier works and yes my Luka bias is showing)

EZFG is always a top favorite of mine! He really just has this super unique style and I love the rhythms and synths he uses a lot, and his videos are all just... stupidly creative??? I've loved every single one of his works, but my top favorites by him are definitely Dear Hypnos and Igniter. Also his remix of niki's GRAVE has been my jam ever since it came out back in April. Hoping he comes out with a second album soon cause he's definitely made enough new songs since his first one came out!

KIRA has become one of my favorite producers in recent years and I'm so pleased he got to do the theme to this year's online Miku Expo!! My faves are prob Machine Gun and Boom Boom Boom, I want to cover both so badly. His music is just fun and catchy pop and honestly it's great.

Clean Tears is another electronic producer I really like! Rocca is my fave by him, also Salty Sincerity and Tears of Palm. He tends to post stuff that's album-only on Crypton's KARENT label, so it's harder to track down "iconic" songs by him (a lot lack PVs) but his stuff is just really fun. Also he posts cool streams of remixing/composing sometimes!

Kaoling hasn't done Vocaloid production in a long while (she still does VGM stuff under the name Ohkoshi Kaori) but what she did put out there is some of THE best Vocafolk in existence. My favorite by her is an album-only track The World Spins, Everyone Spins but I also adore Fall Into Unseen Darkness, Until The Day We Meet Again and Shall I Talk About Old Days. A lot of her songs incorporate lyrics in a conlang she created!

I could probably add more later but I'll leave it at this for now haha

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Reply by DazzlingGleam


I forgot how much I love JimmyThumb's works. I really like Starduster and From Y to Y. No Logic is a favorite Luka song of mine.

I've heard of all the others you listed, but I don't listen to them much. I always hear KIRA is a really good producer, and when I first heard Highlight during Miku Expo, I can see why lol

Flanger Moose is also a good producer too. If it weren't for Miku Expo, I wouldn't even know they exist. My favorite from them is Mirage. That is the best english IA I've ever heard.

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Reply by MystSaphyr


Oh yeah Flanger Moose is excellent!! I found him a while back from the IA English C song Dive, which I briefly got addicted to (and still desperately want to make an UTAU cover of). I'm so happy he and Vault Kid won the song contest cause they really deserve the recognition tbh

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Reply by DazzlingGleam


I also like another producer named FatmanP, just because of this song:

Sadly, they already retired a while ago

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Reply by DazzlingGleam


(I already post this as a blog post on my profile, but I want to post it here too)

I forgot to update/create a new post about my favorite producers or just some good ones that are worth looking into.

Flanger Moose- This is a really good western producer that is really good with english voicebanks. My favorites are with IA English, like DIVE, or Mirage. I also recommend Blindsided sung by Eleanor Forte and Thousand Little Voices sung by Miku.

HachioujiP- I really like his work. His style reminds me of Livetune. I know everyone knows this producer and most of their songs, but I really like Fake Doll(Miku), VIRTUAL COMPLEX(Miku), and Beautiful Nightmare(Luka), and Desktop Cinderella(Miku). I like more of their songs, but people probably have already listened to them.

Yuyoyuppe- Their work is just amazing to not put them on any list. Their instrumentals are absolutely awesome and can listen to them without vocals. The sound of their music is also somewhat nostalgic to me. I recommend all of their music, but I personally adore Palette7/8, and Tell Your World(I am listening to it as I type and its sounds amazing!).

whoo- I really their music, sometimes it sounds relaxing and sometimes it sounds more energetic. Something about their work makes me feel a certain way, and not in a negative way. A surreal, nostalgic feeling I can't really describe. I recommend the album Terra. I absolutely love it <3 I also recommend the song Fines as well.

I will create another post eventually with more producers/songs.

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Reply by myriadtruthz


i've just nonstop been listening utsu-p. I've always liked him, but he's just been hiring lately....My favorite song rn from him is poison apple from his first album. I wanna make an utau cover of it one of these days! RINGO is great, and abu-se-ken i've recently discovered has some really interesting stuff

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Reply by xX.valentine


utsu-p, neru, kairiki bear, deco*27, n-buna, orangestar,,,,,, too many 2 even name lol

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Reply by Rei


A vocaloid producer that I definitely recommend is probably Hachi. He has some cool songs out there so feel free to check him out lol

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Reply by Lain


Not nearly qualified enough for this, but I thought I'd give it a shot.

Harumaki Gohan — Probably my all-time favorite producer. He's a great vocaloP with a clean tuning style, writes his lyrics really beautifully, makes his own animated MVs with a rather simplistic artstyle but great production quality, and has a really soothing singing voice, much like his tuning style. His songs almost always leave me in shambles. Cobalt Memories and Fireflies Never Came are some good ones that aren't exactly among his most popular. In the words of a friend, he's great if you're into lighthearted sufferings.

Kikuo — God this is probably one of the most generic recommendations one could give but I seriously love his music to death. His music is often pretty chaotic, absurd and even outright horrifying but they almost always are beautiful in all of those regards. He honestly has way too many songs so as for recommendations, I'd say the KikuoMiku3 album. His songs have all been consistently great up until now, but I'm just most fond of his style during that era. I especially love Cherry Blossoms Before Dawn out of all of the songs in the album. So enchanting.

Jin — I'm honestly not crazy about his more recent works, but Kagerou Project holds a really special place in my heart. Kagerou Daze was one of the songs that introduced me to vocaloid and vocal synth as a whole and I never get tired of it. He's made lots of energetic rock songs, but he's also nailed a whole variety of other styles. Shounen Brave and Kuusou Forest are some really good songs like that.

Yuri Kuriyama — Not really one of my favorites, but I thought I'd mention him! Probably better known by his former alias Hachiya Nanashi, he makes really catchy and upbeat songs with cool MVs. Seriously, his MVs are some of the coolest I've seen. He doesn't make vocaloid songs as much as he used to, but he's still active! Pheles and Dizzy Dizzy are some good recent songs of his.

Was this much too long for what it's worth? Yeah. Rambling about stuff like this makes me happy, though. pokes group with stick C'mon, do something...

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Reply by .vsq


im really liking inagi at the moment!! i really like 'give me moneeeeeyyyy!!!' and 'la paix paix piax', the way they tune miku is really fun. 

ive also been taking a liking to minu u's song 'hate no hate', the song is just too good 

ahgsassdnsdgh i have to talk about wowakai really like his use of gumi in 'ishiki no nendan' and in 'meiso hanabi' with luka. im also really liking 'shoujo ni tsuite'. i also think his remix of SPiCa is really cute!!! im in love with his self cover of nichijou to chikyu no gakubuchi also...really good.

i also like OSTER project a whole bunch, i think her songs 'flower of sorrow' and 'watashi kara no oshirasedesu' are really neat, alongside 'ladies first' and im in loooovveeeeeee with 'tete-a-tete' (@^^@)

finally, im really enjoying slave v-v-r!!!!! i think his song 'hell idols "lovely destroy"' is a super fun song. i think iroha, yukari and rana go so well together 

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Reply by Ᏼᥲɾꪮᥒꫀ᥉᥉ᏙᏴꪮᥒᏴꪮᥒ 🍬


MASA works design:

I really like the onibi series (especially the fox's wedding), and some of their other music such as brass noise flamenco & soap lagoon!


I miss him tooooo :'(

Rolling girl, Ura-omote lovers & Unhappy refrain rw my go-to-s, but i'll try the others mentioned in the pin-up!



I really like his older ones as well as the newer ones that are still coming out like Bizzare food, Hidden boss & RRRRRRRRaflesia, as well as NULL poster girls' prank & Not Photogenic. Death of the law, The sun goddess and rat an possibly my faverouite, Potato-head in wonderland!


The dark woods circus series, Wide knowledge of the late, maddness, okaasan & At the bottom of a red swamp. I love the creepy feel!


I like his music for simmilar reasons to Machigerita.

Aishite, aishite, aishite, O light & Desert theatre are my fave.


Mega underrated in my opinion, but what can you expect really?

I really like how weird his music is, and i really appreciate his bizzare sense of humor! There's just something about the music though, that despite having little to no apparent melody, I can't stop listening to it!

Jijatsu shojio, Consience dollar bill, The face & What can we do? are my fave :D


I have recently discovered denpa music and I love it!

I like Love love nightmare, Francium & Fluticasone!


Haven't listened to any other of his songs, only HAPPPPY SONG but I have to say, it's an absolute banger!!

\*-x I am open to any suggestions!! x-*/

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Reply by ㅓbluemule/aka tsukimo hikaruㅏ


mine are

  1. kikuo best tbh |song - journal of my forgoten fantasies
  2. mitchie m | song - age age again 
  3. wowaka  | song - two sided lovers
  4. daniwell | songs - wonder of wonder | nyanyanya (yes he mad the og song from nyan cat)
  5. sasuke.uk | song -  negaposi*continues
  6. gurichy | song - abnormality dancing girl
  7. three  |song - ego rock

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Reply by machinist


Just came here to add John/TOOBOE!! I love baku, higan, rabbit, utage, shun-ran the most! He has a sort of airy/breathy style? (sorry I can't come up with more technical terms for this) It's amazing and upbeat and one of the few producers I can listen to any song he does just cuz I'm just in love with the style! I believe his TOOBOE alias is for his solo project and the songs he releases under it are also really really good, worth checking out. Sometimes his beats feels psychedelic-ish ha ha

Also, someone mentioned Jin for Kagerou Project and I couldn't agree more,, I have a soft spot for it lol

Also must mention Wowaka, listening to rolling girl aches my heart...

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Reply by cola


i'm avoiding doing work right now, so fair warning this is gonna get kind of long

abuse (abu-se-ken): i think dogdog and want to be cremated might be their most popular songs? but i'd have to say my favorite is definitely iesu

nashimoto ui/nashimoto-p: a classic. hyperventilation dance is a long-lasting favorite of mine, but a lot of them obviously deserve honorable mentions, like AaAaAaAAaAaAAa, a stranger is dying somewhere, enko shoujo, and of course suicide song

nilfruits: extreme tonal shift but god i fucking love nilfruits. my personal favorites are ironina and hungry nicole but it goes without saying that songs like traffic jam, wozwald, and shama are also absolute bangers

harufuri: they're mostly a utau producer who uses teto a lot! i especially love girlving to the right and nonsense no katamari, but to the girl in the car window (a song with flower, which i think was their first and only time using vocaloid) is also really good

pinocchio-p: another one that feels obvious, my personal favs are ultimate senpai and medicine for good kids (honorable mentions include kusare-gedou to chocolatesick sick sick, and apple dot com) but i have a soft spot for all his songs because i used to listen to him a ton in high school lol

inabakumori: the kaai yuki user ever. obviously he's most well known for stuff like lagtrain, lost umbrella, rainy boots (all great songs btw), but i'm a huge fan of loop spinner. it's such a fun song

frog96: another utau (and cevio!) producer! i'm biased because i'm not the biggest fan of kafu's voice, but i think their songs using teto, like lost delusion, letter to the black world, and the ghost of words is looking through the window are really great

nanou/hoehoe-p: most well known for his song hello/how are you, but i will never not be the no.1 fan of depression of the young literati. he's also the lead singer/guitarist of the band civilian (formerly known as lyu:lyu), which did a cover of the latter a while back!

assorted horror/strange/slightly unsettling producers: daijoubu-p (it still makes me laugh that hito kara moratta choko wa sutero was their idea of a valentine's day song), mondaiji-p (yes, the crushed mary producer. i unironically think fuzai is a really pretty song), colloid (i've seen my tonsils hurt on a few horror icebergs, but it's just sort of melancholy and comforting i think), scapegoat-p (most of their songs are currently considered lost media unfortunately :( but we do have the remastered version of dame da dame da to tsubuyaki nagara mo!)

obligatory shoutout to machigerita-p and masa works design because where would vocaloid horror be without them. also if you like stuff like that consider listening to watashinokoko, they use lalavoice and their music is awesome

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Reply by oringe


I LUOVE HITOSHIZUKU X YAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fav songs from dem are:

  • soundless voice/proof of life/endless wedge (SOUNDLESS VOICE TRILOGY MEH FAV)
  • the wolf that fell in love wit little red riding hood
  • magik mirror/ mirror of magic
  • someday, my cinderella will come
  • feathers across the seasons
  • prisoner of love and desire
  • corrupted flower


  • romeo and cinderella/me and juliet
  • cat food

i own 2 hito cds (endlessroLL + STORIA) I JUST NEED 1 MOAR!!!!!!!!(hitoshizukushi) 2 complete soundless voice cds

i has also wanted 2 get romeo and cinderella album from doriko but itll b later

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pinocchio-p still churns out hits all the time; he's the only old-school vocaloid producer who's really kept the spirit of vocaloid alive to me, cheesy as that sounds. I love DECO*27, don't get me wrong, but 80% of the MANNEQUIN album was a miss for me.

siinamota is a producer I will endlessly recommend to anyone who will listen; you may remember him from the hello strobe series that included strobe light. or maybe not, it's been awhile. he also managed to get into project diva's set list via Equation+* (I forget what game/s specifically). he passed back in late july of 2015 - same year samfree passed - but his music really connected with me, so I will continue to sing his praises.

nekobolo is largely out of the community now (before posting a remix of Shoujo A on siinamota's birthday this year, I think his last vocaloid work was for miku's 10th anniversary?) but i recommend his work much the same. you can also find his more recent work under the name sasanomaly.

these are all oldies I've been into since I was a baby vocaloid fan so some newer ones as well:

avogado6 & keina suda / balloon are a power duo. one recent balloon song, Hana ni Kaze, has been living in my head rent-free since it released. darling was an instant classic for me as well, but that's from the keina suda side, not balloon. I was a fan of avogado6's work before realizing they'd been collabing with balloon for a lot longer than I had ever registered too, though.

hanyuu maigo has a very unique style of blending traditional Japanese instruments with vocaloid in most of their music but it works quite well more often than not, if you ask me. aun beats is a song I still return to, and (vaguely more recently) a... commercial song, or something, given the comments on it, that was an unrelated-to-vocaloid collab, but it slapped. I truly have not learned since that one Eve song that released was for a chocolate company, lol.

I'm partially on an off-vocaloid phase right now, so not much new stuff from me, but I always come back when pinocchio-p or balloon post something. they're just good.

I've never had any physical CDs of vocaloid albums, though I really wish I did, now that I think about it. I'm an .mp3 person, I literally don't own a CD music player, but it would be nice, you know?

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Reply by Angel


I have three favorite producers of all time: PinocchioP, Maretu, and Kikuo.

PinocchioP: My favorite songs of all time were produced by him. "All I Need Are Things I Like", "Crappy Fantasy Days", and "Non-Breath Oblige". I really love the message that All I Need Are Things I Like has. The protagonist lists off all the things they love and hate and insists that the world would be better if it was only filled with the things they like. They cycle through life with these beliefs until one day they realize that humanity can't survive if everyone got everything they wanted. Life is not about getting what you want and making everything you hate cease to exist, it's about tolerance. It's about accepting that you can't force your likes and dislikes on other people. People will have different thoughts, tastes, and beliefs. And that's the way life should be. Crappy Fantasy Days is a song about the hopelessness of a protagonist that feels they don't deserve to be the main character. They lament that their life is uneventful and not worthy of a movie adaptation. But nevertheless, they still want to connect with others. To hear their deepest desires, their inner world, the things that you'll never hear from people on a business card. It's such a touching song. I hope that the protagonist of this song finally found what they were looking for. In all honesty, I have no clue what Non-Breath Oblige is supposed to be about. But as far as I know it's about a person that chooses to hold their breath to remember how fragile their life is and appreciate it more. They understand that the world they live in is a ruthless one where the strong will always target the weak, but they still aspire to connect with the person they love. His songs just have a beauty to them that I can't help but be in awe of. The life lessons you can learn from his music are just amazing. And his MVs are always so cute, I love the little mascots he has. 

Maretu: Maretu's songs are ridiculously catchy. From the singer to the instrumentals, everything is made to keep you listening for hours. And god does it work. I could never get sick of "Magical Doctor", "Coin Locker Baby" or "SIU". Especially Coin Locker Baby, the first few notes are so energetic that it hooks you into the song right away! It's so wonderful, it even sounds good in nightcore too! I like nightcore and all, but some songs don't sound good with a higher pitch. But not to worry, because Coin Locker Baby is definitely not one of those songs. Anyway, Magical Doctor is a song where a girl gets addicted to drugs and laments that she can't go back to life without drugs. The story is pretty short, with an ending that suggests she doesn't get clean. Not too deep of a story but still a sad one worth listening too. Very catchy instruments, seriously addicting stuff. Coin Locker Baby is a song about a teenage girl that secretly gives birth to her boyfriend's child and abandons them in a coin locker. The girl feels deep anxiety throughout the song. From realizing she's pregnant to asking her boyfriend for support to him dismissing her and telling her to throw it away. She feels intense guilt for killing her child this way, but she feels she doesn't have any choice. She can't raise a child while attending high school, and her boyfriend certainly won't help her. The guilt eats away at her until she dies. "SIU" as far as I know is about a person who was born into a loveless family through an accidental pregnancy. They live life pretty miserably, and eventually grow into an adult who finds someone to sleep with and have a child in the same loveless way they were created. Pretty depressing stuff in such a catchy song.

Kikuo: Where do I even begin with Kikuo... I mean, I've never heard a song from him that I didn't like. The instruments he uses are unconventional, but they always sound amazing. I really enjoy how in "Hole Dwelling" he uses calypso style drums to create an image of the rolling sea in the ears of his audience. "Love Me, Love Me, Love Me" has the most compelling music video I've ever seen, even the subtitles are a work of art. It perfectly portrays the distressing nature of the song. "Dance of Corpse" has this fun little thing I like where the singer is telling you how to move your feet to the rhythm of the song. It really immerses you and makes you feel like you're right there with Miku, being taught how to die. It's wonderful how he can make such an enriching story in his songs.

And that's why I love these producers! I hope that you liked reading this reply, even if I'm not that eloquent.

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Reply by spadesandaces


CircusP's a great producer! I especially love Better Off Worse, that song's such a bop omg

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Reply by ★彡Liam


This might be a bit obvious but it’s maretu!

He’s my favorite vocaloid producers I love his new and old songs soo much! His songs can get pretty fast and slow if you like that’s tuff. Just a warning, please go by song by song and not albulm by albulm, his Albulms are just well how can I say this, random. Mainly because he doesn’t find a specific genre and feel to settle in and more like, putting random songs in by order and date. 

Although if you’re starting to listen to vocaloid for the first time! Try kairiki bear, his music is pretty sick. Venom by him is amazing and disappearance addiction. Failure girl is a fantastic song by him!

You should also try wowaka, his music is literally the best within new vocaloid fans. Literally saw someone who didn’t like vocaloid songs that much say his song was really good! Rolling girl is a fan favorite

Sinnomota is also really good too his songs are way too calm and helps me relax. One of his songs “dream inside of a dream” has been my favorite vocaloid songs for a long time ! 

Kikuo is a good option as well! His music, I just can’t get enough of

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Reply by Noonbeam


i am So Basic but PINOCCHIOP AND KIKUO OHHHHH MY GOD. pinocchiop was one of if not THE first vocaloid producer i listened to. i love love love his silly little songs and instruments he uses. for kikuo, his songs comfort me and when he collaborates with hanatan it is ANGELIC they are both SO TALENTED. LISTEN TO KEEP GOING KEEP CLIMBING UP THE TALL TOWER AND KOROKORO KOROGARU TO SEE WHAT I MEAN.
an english vocaloid producer i like is ghost and pals !!!!! both their old and new stuff is sooo crunchy and i still love housewife radio despite the many things wrong with the story that the song was attached to HJAKFGVBN
runner up is kairikibear !! for me personally their songs kind of sound the same but STILL BANGERS NONETHELESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Reply by Matt(^ω^)


Muship!!! Hes a lot like kikuo but also has his own special touch to his songs! 

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