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Dedicated CSS block in Edit Profile

At the moment, on a CSS heavy profile, you briefly see SpaceHey's default appearance for a moment until the user's custom CSS is encountered by the browser and it overrides it.

If there were a dedicated textarea for CSS in the Edit Profile section, the user's custom CSS could be put still after SpaceHey's stylesheet/CSS, but before the </head> or immediately after the <body>, which would stop the above happening.

People could still continue to put their CSS in the existing places if they really wanted to.

I know the above isn't a big deal, and that this isn't a revolutionary idea, but I thought I'd suggest it anyways. xD

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Reply by Positron832


I like this idea.

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Reply by Mike ░▒▓█ マイケル


It would make things more organized, that's for sure. Great idea.

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