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Basic JoJo Fan Info

Since no one else has posted on here, I thought I might.

I'm just going to list some basic JoJo fan questions so we can all get to know each other :)

1) Who is your favorite JoJo?
2) What is your favorite part?
3) Favorite jobro?
4) Favorite villian?
5) Favorite stands?
6) Favorite character theme?
7) Least favorite JoJo?
8) Least favorite part?
9) Least favorite jobro?
10) Least favorite villain?
11) Least favorite stand?

If you have anyone you'd like to add, just comment them and I can add them!

I'll answer these questions first:

1) Jonathan and Gappy
2) Parts 1 and 8
3) Yasuho and Okuyasu
4) Tooru and part 1 Dio
5) Paisley Park, Soft and Wet, and Heavens Door
6) Probably Jotaro's theme
I'm gonna defend myself for these next ones lol

7) Jotaro, I'm not a big fan of characters that don't show a ton of emotion, still love him though
8) Part 3. Some of the stand fights felt repetitive, and I really wish the DIO fight was longer since he is such a big villain in the series
9) I don't have one, I really love all of them :D
10) I wasn't a big fan of Diavolo, I felt bad for him since he just wanted to be left alone (I guess he was running a giant drug market BUT I'M IGNORING IT).
11) I don't really like Hermit Purple, I feel it had a ton of potential but it wasn't used in such a way. Jonathan's hermit purple is way cooler than Joseph's IMO

Can't wait to see your responses (if anyone ever does respond in this tiny group)!

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Reply by 岸辺 露伴


 1) Either Josuke, or Gappy!

2) Part 4, it’s very cool to me
3) I’d have to say Caesar, or Gyro
4) Kira, I’m not defending myself
5) Heavens door,, he looks like a child I wanna read him a bedtime story
6) Rohan’s theme, it was v chill.
7) Giorno, hearing his theme on repeat made me dislike him
8) 3, as you said, stand fights were repetitive, and could have been better.
9) I’m sorry but,, Koichi really was annoying
10) Kars 
11) The Lock, that was a stupid stand, and Tamami was a stupid man

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Reply by vomitgirl


1) josuke or jolyne
2) part 4
3) either kakyoin, foo fighters, or bucciarati 
4) kira or pucci
5) sex pistols
6) overdrive/joseph's theme
7) jotaro
8) part 1,, i still really like part 1, i just think the other ones are better.
9) i dont really have one,, 
10) diavolo or kars
11) cheap trick

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Reply by Kakyoin


1. Josuke

2. Stardust Crusaders, just for the sake of it having Kakyoin content.
3. Kakyoin
4. Pucci
5. Either Heaven's Door or Made in Heaven. Both have interesting powers!
6. Kakyoin. it's just wonderful. nothing else.
7. Joseph (he was too much for me personally)
8. Battle Tendency (the timing of events in part 2 felt really weird, etc.)
9. Polnareff. (he was just annoying honestly)
10. DIO (part 3 version)
11. Not sure, actually.

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Reply by Yo



2.Part 3
5.Gold experience 
7.Don’t really dislike any
8.Part 1 or 2 
11.tough choice 

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Reply by Tundra227


1) Joseph or Johnny
2) part 7
3) Bruno 
4) Funny valentine
5) Aerosmith, Tusk, Sticky fingers, ect
6) Brunos (the zippers in the song)
7) Jolyne
8) Part 3 or 4
10) DIO part 1 or 3
11) Catch the Rainbow, Green Day, echoes act 3 ( acts 1 and 2 were at least cute)

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Reply by Riz


1) Jotaro or Johnny 
2) Part 5
3) Okuyasu
4) Kira or Funny Valentine 
5) Metallica, Heaven's Door, Sticky fingers, Killer Queen, Man in the Mirror, Silver Chariot 
6) Risotto or Bruno's but honestly all the part 5 ones are great 
7) Low-key Giorno or maybe Jonathan 
8) Honestly part 4 or 2 
9) Kakyoin (as a former Kakyoin lover)
10) Pucci 
11) Green Day, Echoes but specifically Act 3

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Reply by Lilyrose


1) Jolyne and Jhonny probably
2) 6,7,8 are my favorite parts, but i really fell in love with jojo with part 6
3) Gyro or Yasuho
4) Pucci
5) Soft and Wet
6) i love diavolo's
7) Josuke probably, i love him but he's not as characterized as others
8) Probably part 2, it had good ideas but not very well structured, i still love it
9) mista if he is conidered one or kakyoin, as i said i love them both i just prefer others more
10) Kars, not as well fleshed out as others, and araki could've explored more his thinking 
11) the twin brothers stand in part 8

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Reply by JohnTheBox


1) Johnny 

2) part 7 
3) Bruno 
4) pucci or funny valentine 
5) d4c and soft and wet 
6) josuke’s  theme 
7) Jonathan or jotaro 
8) part 1
9)don’t really have one but if I had to pick polnareff 
10) DIO (part 3)
11) Bastet and khnum 

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Reply by wwxtqm


1) Jolyne y Joseph (todavía no leo la parte 7 y 8)

2) 6, 2, 4

3) Bruno, Caesar y Weather. 

4) Kira y Dio. 

5) me gusta mucho el diseño de Diver Down. 

6) probablemente el de Jolyne sea mi nuevo favorito, mientras el de Kars. 

7) Jotaro, igualmente no me gusta que sea tan inexpresivo. Pero igual lo quiero. 

8) Tal vez la parte 3.

9) Koichi akskal

10) Pucci

11) se me olvidaba este 
Creo que no recuerdo así que ninguno akska

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Reply by XxKatisnotherexX


I’m new to this website, I joined last night, so I’m not exactly sure how this works but uhh…

1) Jotaro (as someone who doesn’t talk much and isn’t good at expressing irl I appreciate him, wish he wasn’t so mean to Holly tho. :( ) I also like Jolyne and Giorno a lot.

2) Don’t have one, it changes.

3) Hermès, Foo Fighters, Weather, Okuyasu, Bruno, Yasuho and Speedwagon

4) Kars. His birb wings are the coolest… I also like Gwess a lot, I think she’s neat.

5) Hard to say… there are so many really cool ones… Stray cat I guess.

6) Josuke’s theme.

7) Don’t have one, they’re all charming in their own way.

8) Also don’t have one.

9) JOSHU he just makes me mad. (is Yasuho or Joshu the Jobro???)

10) Part 3 DIO is a coward. He got his henchmen to do 95% of the work. (It’s ok still love him tho…) If we’re counting minor villains then Alessi is my least favorite in the whole series. He’s a creeep!

11) Green Day and Ratt (bug eaten’s stand) they’re just so icky… :V

Now I’ve got a question for you guys…

What’s your favorite fight? Mines probably Enter Dragons Dream. The final fight with Tooru was really cool too.

I don’t know if I came off as annoying, if I did I’m sorry. :(

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Reply by concertsrule


1) Josuke 
2) Part 2 is probably my favorite but its tough to choose between that and part 4
3) Okuyasu or Speedwagon
4) Kars
5) Star Platinum, Reverb (all acts), Love Deluxe, Stray Cat
6) Josuke's
7) if i was forced to choose, jotaro only cuz i like the others a little more then him
8) couldnt tell you i like all the parts
9) Cesar same reason as 7
10) Kira he grosses me out
11) Tenore Sax LMAO feels like and easy one to choose, i just cant believe he didnt realize that because the lady face was on the back of his head that would be that his feet would be facing backwards 

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Reply by legenda


im only in the mid of p7 so bear w me </3

1) jolyne easily
2) p4 so far 
3) does pol count? we're literally married. also ermes.
4) rikiel's arc in p6 was amazing! cant wait to watch it animated
5) purple haze tbh
7) this one's tough but perhaps joseph
8) ranking them is too difficult im out 
9) omg no clue i feel like i either liked all of them or just forgot the ones i disliked
10) diavolo was meh 
11) i also can't decide on this one 

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Reply by 7Grand


1) Josuke

2) Part 4, characters carry but characters stick with me more than story.

3) Polnareff

4) Dio, Kira, Pucci, they're all peak

5) Bohemian Rhapsody, King Crimson, Weather Report, Pearl Jam (Italian food>>)

6) Jotaro's Theme and it's not even close

7) I refuse to dislike any of them.

8) Part 1, I'm sorry Jonathan :pensive:

9) Kars, I prefer Wall-E

10) Empress, I'm not too fond of the fleshy disease monster.

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Reply by lordmoki


As a side note, I'm only like 20ish chapters into Steel Ball Run, so I don't have much knowledge of characters from P7 and P8 

1) Definitely Joseph, and then Jolyne and Josuke not far behind. 

2) A tie between Diamond is Unbreakable and Stone Ocean, it depends if I want to be happy or sob uncontrollably. 

3) Either Caeser or Foo Fighters! Or Speedwagon. It's hard to choose, I love them all <3

4) Kira or Pucci, but I also love Dio.

5) I think Weather Report is pretty cool. 

6) Jonathan's theme is great, Jotaro's is another favorite of mine too.

7) Jonathan, not because I don't like him (I don't think there's a jojo I don't like) he's just the least interesting

8) Golden Wind (I'm sorry) I don't dislike it, I just felt while watching it that the ending was really anticlimactic. It was setting up something much more intense and it just felt like it was over way too quickly. I adore the cast though!

9) Please don't flame me for this, but Fugo. He was too angry. I've heard I might change my mind if I read Purple Haze Feedback, but I've yet to do so. Also Joshu. I haven't read part 8, but he just seethes icky energy.  

10) Diavolo (see question 8) I don't dislike him at all, he's just my least favorite out of the rest.

11) Emperor is just a gun. Sex pistols has cute little fellas, what's your excuse, Hol Horse?

Are you guys excited for part 9? Personally it feels weird knowing that I'm gonna be there for a whole new part of Jojo, it's like I'm witnessing history being made. Very cool. (I still gotta catch up to the manga tho.)

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Reply by Asme


1) Definitely Jolyne! She’s wonderful
2) Fave part is part 6 so far! But I really enjoy part 5 as well!
3) Does Foo fighters count as a jobro? If so, they’re my fave!
4) villain? Main villain? Dio of course! Minor Villains, Cioccolata and Secco!
5) oh! My favorite stands are Killer Queen, Sex Pistols, King Crimson and Stone free!
6) Eeh, never been a huge listeners for specific character themes but i like Mista’s one!
7) Jotaro is my least fave :(
8) I dont have a least favorite part! I love all of them more or less equally!
10) Funny Valentine, purely bc his actions gross me out, he’s a great villain, but as a person he just kinda stinks lol
11) Super fly? Its funny, but impractical.

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Reply by Lemon


Probably giorno or Joseph

I love part 5 but my fave has gotta be part 4

Favorite jobro is kakyoin or gyro

Definitely kars or dio 

Top 3 fave stands gotta be Sex Pistols, crazy diamond, or star platinum, 

Josukes theme goes hard

I don’t even have a least favorite jojo

Least favorite part is probably part 1 I love Jonathan with my life but it’s just so short

I love all jobros 

Least favorite villain is funny valentine 

Least favorite stand is notorious big, that thing doesn’t even die and it’s disgusting

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Reply by Chilly Pepper


josuke! i love him soo much

part 5!!!

KAKYOIN OR MISTA!! my baes fr

dio, kars and all the la squadra bitches except pesci


josukes on TOP

none, i love all my jojo's

they're all peak

stroheim. i hate him.

funny valentine. hes weird.

beach boy or whatever the hell

(sorry for language lol)

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Reply by SillyStxrs


1) Josuke and Johnny (couldn’t choose)

2) Part 4


4) Kars

5) Echoes  

6) Iggy, Fool rampage 

7) This is hard but Jonathan, HE’S STILL COOL THOUGH

8) Part 1…..but I still really like it  

9) Will Zeppeli


11) Anubis

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Reply by lee💗


1) Josuke!! I just love him ugh 
2) 4
3) i love me some gyro + mista if he counts
4) yoshikage kira + Dio SORRY
5) Sex Pistols 
6) smt ab josephs..
7) Jonathan IM SORRY i don’t hate him i just like the others better 
8) 1…
9) actually have no idea 
10) that nasty ass orangutan ape thing
11) harvest…

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1) Who is your favorite JoJo?

My Favorite is a tie between Jotaro and Jolyne.

2) What is your favorite part?

Part 3 stardust crusaders mainly due to all the different character personalities that are shown. 

3) Favorite jobro?

it's a tie between Kakyoin and Fugo.

4) Favorite villain?

Man I can't just pick one so I'll go with top three off the top of my head which would be Diavolo, Hol Horse, and keicho.

5) Favorite stands?

Black sabbath is my favorite stand.

6) Favorite character theme?

Kakyoin's, Jotaro's, and Jolyne's are my Favorites.

7) Least favorite JoJo?

Giorno is my least favorite. mainly because his character was very stale to me and the fact the everyone else got more screen time then him and the most he said was his little catchphrase that we aren't even sure he did really and the fact that he said he was gonna stop the gang stuff but chose violence anyways.

8) Least favorite part?

Part 5 and 4 is my least favorite but I like a lot of the villains in part 5. Part 4 mainly because it felt so repetitive with the "Imma beat you up and now we are friends" It was nice just not me thing with an anime like JoJo

9) Least favorite jobro?

Narancia and Trish. Mainly because Narancia didn't think in the street fight are started shooting with Aerosmith and Trish cause she just sat there for like 99% of the part and did nothing at all. 

10) Least favorite villain?

Pucci but its weird it like I dislike the stuff he caused more than anything lol.

11) Least favorite stand?

The Lock. it was just kinda stupid.

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Reply by Lenny


1) Jospeh and Johnny
2) part2 and part 7
3) gyro and caesar
4) dio, pucci, diavolo/doppio
5) tusk, star platinum, stone free, heavens door
6) joseph’s theme is fire
7) i love all of them
8) love all of them💪🏻💪🏻
9) uhh idk 
10) boingo i am sorry i rlly dont like him
11) idek rn, hermit purple cuz it had more potential and it was wasted 

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Reply by Lenny


1) Jospeh and Johnny
2) part2 and part 7
3) gyro and caesar
4) dio, pucci, diavolo/doppio
5) tusk, star platinum, stone free, heavens door
6) joseph’s theme is fire
7) i love all of them
8) love all of them💪🏻💪🏻
9) uhh idk 
10) boingo i am sorry i rlly dont like him
11) idek rn, hermit purple cuz it had more potential and it was wasted 

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Reply by sage


1) Either Jolyne or Joseph
2) Can't choose between part 4 and part 5
3) Fugo (I think he's a jobro right, doesn't matter he left at some point in the series right)
4) Diavolo (but I love most side villains as well, especially Akira)
5) If this refers to the stands ability, I'd have to say either Heavens Door or King Crimson. If it's just the stand as a "character", I think I'd go with Killer Queen
6) I really like Jotaro's and Giorno's theme
7) Jotaro
8) I don't really know, I still need to finish part 7, 8 and start reading 9 but so far I don't have any part that I dislike
9) I don't necessarily hate him but I don't like Narancia that much ToT
10) Highway Star, i think it's self explanatory as to WHY

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Reply by IchwilldichfickenXD


1. Josuke 

2. Parts 7, 4, and 2

3. Okuyasu

4. Pillarmen and Yoshikage Kira

5. Not sure if I have favorites but I might 

6. Pillarmen and Yoshikage Kira

7. Jotaro and maybe Jonathan

8. Idk if I have one but I'm not overly interested in part 6 (which might be because I had the ending spoiled soo)

9. Don't think I have any 

10. Hol Horse maybe

11. The Oingo Boingo Brothers have shitty stands

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Reply by NIKITA


1) Joseph!

2) 3rd or 2nd

3) definitely Polnareff but I also really liked Mista and Ceasar

4) Kira and Diavolo

5) Purple Haze and Crazy Diamond

6) overdrive 

7) I'm sorry but Johnathan also I used to dislike Jotaro but he made some character development and now I really like him

8) they all were really good but it's either part 1 or part 4


10) Uhh idk they all were really good

11) echoes act 3

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Reply by 𝚆𝚞 𝚃𝚘𝚖𝚘𝚔𝚒


1) Johnny Joestar

2) Jojolion, part 8

3) Wil A. Zeppeli and Koichi Hirose

4) Wu Tomoki, Kars and Mike O.

5) Doctor Wu, Limp Bizkit, Purple Haze and Kiss

6) Dio's part 1 theme, From the dark abyss/Himeru Omoi

7) Joseph Joestar

8) Stardust Crusaders

9) Robert E.O. Speedwagon

10) Funny Valentine, AU Diego Brando and Esidesi

11) Baby Face and Bast

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Reply by tw esa


Might as well :3

1) Who is your favorite JoJo?: Jotaro and/or Josuke
2) What is your favorite part? Part 3!
3) Favorite jobro? okuyasu (despite the kakyoin pfp dggsgd)
4) Favorite villian? kars
5) Favorite stands? i dont really have a favorite fhhdh, but maybe KISS or Magicians Red
6) Favorite character theme? the pillarmens theme >_>
7) Least favorite JoJo? i dont rlly dislike any of them but i didnt feel all that much for giorno or Jonathan
8) Least favorite part? part 2 (it just felt kinda weird having both part 1 and 3 be abt dio and having this one sandwhiched in between being entirely unrelated to the other two)
9) Least favorite jobro? dont really dislike any of them dndndn
10) Least favorite villain? diavolo
11) Least favorite stand? hermit purple

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Reply by ida_oh_my


1) Who is your favorite JoJo? 

i love them all so much so im gonna put them in order of most to least favorite :3

♡Josuke4♡ Josuke8, Joseph2, Johnny, Joseph3, Jotaro456, Jolyne, Jotaro3, Jonathan, and Giorno.

(there is a VERY thin line between Joseph2, Johnny, Joseph3, and Jotaro456)

2) What is your favorite part?

Cant decide between part 4 and 7, currently reading 8

3) Favorite jobro?


4) Favorite villian?

Pucci and DIO (and diego if you count him ♡)

5) Favorite stands?

THE HAND!!♡ scary monsters, echoes act 3, white snake, the world, killer queen, D4C, sex pistols, soft & wet, purple haze, highway star, and Stone Free.

6) Favorite character theme?

Pucci♡ and joseph

7) Least favorite JoJo?


8) Least favorite part?

part 1

9) Least favorite jobro?


10) Least favorite villain?


11) Least favorite stand?

Red Hot Chili Pepper (he makes me irrationally angry) 

♡♡♡(characters that i LOVE but didnt mention)♡♡♡

Mista, Polnareff, Hot pants, Bruno, Rohan, Anasui, Doppio, Kars, Narancia, Fugo, Suzi Q, Speedwagon, FF, Avdol, Kira (especially kosaku kira), Funny Valentine, Yasuho, Cioccolata, Secco, and Emporio.

sorry for adding so much i just love so much in jojo  

i might have forgotten something because im STUPID!!

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Reply by Zeta64


1) Jotaro!
2) Part 3!
3) Kakyoin... I miss him...
4) DIO!
5) The World, Golden Experience, Star Platinum, Tusk, Ball Breaker
6) Stardust Crusaders, Il Vento D'oro
7) Maybe Gappy
8) Stone Ocean, it's not bad, just least fav
9) I like them all lol
10) Toru
11) Cheap Trick

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Reply by HunterSchaferFan777


1) Either Joseph or DiU Josuke
2) 4 but it might end up being part 7 after I finish it.
3) Tie between Okuyasu and Gyro
4) Kira
5) King Crimson and The Hand
6) Josuke and Jolyne
7) Giorno
8) 5
9) Caesar
10) Esidisi
11) Probably Emperor (it's just a gun) or Oasis (it's boring)

Disclaimer: just because something is my least favorite doesn't mean I hate it

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Reply by nataa


1. Jolyne & Johnny

2. Part 6

3. Yasuho

4. Pucci

5. Paisley Park, Soft & Wet, D4C and Heaven's Door

6. Trish & Anasui

7. i don't have one haha

8. part 2

9. none, but in terms of what people consider part 8's jobro, joshu

10. funny valentine

11. survivor

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Reply by westel


1) johnny-jolyne

2) steel ball run

3) gyro

4) dio

5) whitesnake, killer queen

6) josuke

7) Joseph

8) battle tendency

9) caesar

10) fv

11) idk

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Reply by Jax !!


1) part 2 joseph, josuke and jhonny
2) so far part 4 and 6, i've started to read sbr recently
3) bucciarati, gyro, koichi and okuyasu
4) kira, diego and doppio
5) heaven's door, echoes any act, pearl jam and emperor
6) the hand, overdrive and i'm in control
7) jotaro i guess, his words aren't the right ones most of the time but i guess his love for his family is nice
8) none, i find all of them cool
9) none, can't dislike them lol
10) diavolo and part 1 dio
11) cheap trick and the lock

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Reply by Raf


gonna answer only these bcuz i don't really have anyone/anything least favourite (except for a villain. i heavily dislike dio. tho people who love him are usually awesome, so yeah!!)

OH also disclaimer: i have not read any of the manga yet, don't have motivation, BUT i did a big research on what's going on in part 7 so i know what's there and almost everything about characters (at least from wiki and my friendz)

1) Who is your favorite JoJo? 

2) What is your favorite part? 

3) Favorite jobro? 
TOO MANY!! i'd say all lmao (foofs 💚)

4) Favorite villian? 
from mains prob Kars or Diavolo but in general from antags is Cioccolata

5) Favorite stands? 
scary monsters, sky high, magician's red,  and probably more i don't remember

6) Favorite character theme? 
pillarmen theme, the good classic, gives me confidence lol

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Reply by #1_Harrison_fan


1) Giorno and Joseph
2) 5 and 7
3) Ceaser
4) Kars and Valentine
5) Scrary monsters
6) ill vento d'oro (I got Vinyl hehe)
7) Jonathan
8) 1
9) Fugo
10) I love all
11) big boat of orangutan (Strength)

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