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Avant Garde music that doesn't suck

It's pretty easy for avant garde artists to make music that's too weird for its own good. 

However, there are some pretty great avant garde musicians that understand how to break musical conventions while still writing interesting and entertaining music.

Who are some of your favorite avant garde musicians?

My fav right now is Happy Place, specifically the track Rupture / Rapture!
It works really well as a head-clearing song, while still demonstrating a great rising action, climax, and resolution.

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Reply by Tom Immortal


Ohhhhh this is something I constantly deal with. It's tough, finding that happy medium, something you can enjoy on both a cerebral and visceral level. Ulver def fits this for me, most of their albums after the first three (which were still awesome but not at all avant garde).

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Reply by Missive massive


Merci ! Je connaissais Happy Family mais pas Happy Place ! « Tendrils » est un super album. 
J’écoute des tas de trucs très divers, peut-être aimeras-tu PinioL : https://piniol.bandcamp.com/album/bran-coucou / Thank you ! I knew Happy Family but not Happy Place! “Tendrils” is a great album.
I listen to a lot of very different stuff, maybe you will like PinioL: https://piniol.bandcamp.com/album/bran-coucou
(google trad.)

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