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Wanting a Friend(s) but lacking social skills

Posted by PuchoAlmighty666


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I am in my early 30s (I have one best friend) but him & I don't have a lot of common interests. . .So I want to make a new friend(s) but unfortunately I suffer from Agoraphobia* & social anxiety & I really lack the social skills to aquire a new friend(s). 

*No I can't go see a therapist for that, cause I am a very Paranoid person.

P.S: I'm a loner/asocial/shy/introverted person.

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sorta in the same situation as you. I got one close friend whose company I actually enjoy. For me, it's more that I don't really enjoy talking to people I don't actively choose to; plus it's hard finding people that have the same fucked up humor as me lmao

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