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First Time Dog Owners

Someday I would like to have/buy a Dog(s) but I have NEVER in my life owned one, so I want to know what Dog breeds would y'all recommend/suggest to someone who hasn't had one before? 

P.S: My "dream Dog" is a Husky, cause my favorite animal in the wild is the Wolf.

P.P.S: I am not a fan of "purse dogs"/small breeds nor do I enjoy being around super large breeds A.K.A "holy sh*t dude, that dog is huge!". 

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Reply by Stella


First off - Huskies are bred to do things like run the Iditarod. They have incredible energy and endurance, Can you provide that kind of workout? No? Then your Husky will be a "Houdini dog" and find ways to escape, resulting in bailing him out of Animal Control and paying fines (at best) or him getting lost and/or run over. These are VERY high energy dogs.

A Klee Kai might be a good alternative.

And props for asking. So many people get dogs without doing the necessary research...it often turns out badly. I hope you find your perfect breed.

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