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what are ur fav placements?

describe some of your favorite astrology placements!

 (degrees, houses, signs, etc)

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Reply by victoria


some of my personal favorite placements are

* aries suns -
they are always great friends to have especially during drama/arguments with other people because they'll always be the friends to back you up and appreciate honesty and being direct.
* taurus moons
i might be biased on this one since this is one of my personal placements, but since this sign is exalted it can provide a considerable amount of relief/support and stability to the big three of a dominated chart. (for example my chart is heavily fire dominated but my taurus moon keeps it together compared to other fire dominated charts with a different moon sign) 
* sag risings
i might be biased on this one too, but sag risings are literally the life of the party and are always entertaining and friendly. this is a great rising sign because it is not as overpowering as a sag sun might be.
* libra suns
libras are just beautiful creatures who have amazing senses of style and seem to always have their life together. they are fun to be around and are great dependable friends. 
* cancer risings 
cancer risings are pure sweethearts and although it may take time to build a core relationship with them, they really care about their friends to the point where they may neglect their own needs. 
* scorpio suns
as a leo i am considered to not be compatible with scorpios, but i have found myself making friends with many scorpios. they value honesty and trust just as much as leos do and as long as good communication is established this type of friendship can thrive!

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