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Show me projects you love or have worked on

Here is a repost of one of my blogs so you can hopefully discover some new artists.

I had also decided to make this something so you can share albums/artwork you love or have worked on. I wanna see what you love, or what you are proud of.

I recently was included in a synthwave compilation called This is Synthwave 3.
It's a great compilation full of great artists, and the record label owner is doing a bang up job especially on the audio formatting front. All of it is quiet mixing with very little compression to allow for as much dynamic range as possible.

The compilation is available on Heavyweight Double Vinyl using the quiet mix for the best possible audio quality instead of just being loud.
It is also available on Type 1 (normal bias), Type 2 (high bias) and double Type 4 (metal bias) cassettes, double CD, and Mini Disk.

you can grab any of these at Red Manor Records and help support over 20 artists with their future, as well as potentially find your new favourite artist.
compilations are great for discovery, this was how I found so many artists I love still to this day. And hopefully you will too. I will be recording and posting a video soon of my single that features on the compilation as well as the full album coming later this year.

Thank you so much for checking this out, and I hope you enjoy every second of it.

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Reply by Shades of Thunder



Thank you for giving everyone space to introduce all the great projects people working on.

Our project (Shades of Thunder) is a new collaborative project between Powernerd and Edictum from Vienna, Austria. We draw inspiration from tons of different Genres and while Powernerd comes from a Rock and Jazz background, Edictum represents the DJ and electronic music scene. Together, our aim is to join forces to only put out highest quality.

Also, consistent artwork is important to us and therefore, comic characters were developed based on ourselves (Powernerd as a studied Jazz Guitarist and Technology Nerd and Edictum as scientist with a doctoral thesis in (Bio)Organic Chemistry) and are repeatedly used for all our artwork and animations (by incredibly talented Bernhard Binder).

Our debut album is going to be released in the middle of september and we started releasing monthly singles on our way towards the debut.

1st single (May 7th): Laidback Lane: classic Outrun tune

2nd single (June 11th): How Loud is Your Love (with Jan Johnston): uplifting Synthwave; in this track, we joined forces with iconic Trance singer Jan Johnston, who is best known for her work with the most renowned Trance-producers (Oakenfold, Paul van Dyk, Tiesto, BT, Cosmic Gate, Markus Schulz, Shah, etc.)

3rd. single (June 25th): Na Zare (feat. Daria Danatelli) - Synthwave Cover of an iconic Russian Synth-Pop Anthem

4th single: TBA in July

5th single: TBA in August

Album Release & 6th single: TBA in September

We would be grateful if you took your time to listen to our music and stay tuned for further releases (best by following on Spotify)!

Thank you :)

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Reply by Rags Ov Light


Thank you for giving everyone space to introduce all the great projects people working on. I just released this ep, it's not exactly Synthwave per.se, more like Dungeonwave, but heavily influenced by early 80s synth like OMD, Depeche Mode etc and early Krautrock. I hope you enjoy.


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Reply by SWH (Punk Jesus)


Not a problem bud. I'm glad someone's still using these forums. I will have a check out of your work today once I'm done filming.

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