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Posted by amma


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please make sure to include:

what you're trading (singles, perlers, cuffs, candy, etc)
what country you're in (for shipping reasons)
your age (in case ur uncomfortable trading with adults/minors)
things/themes u like (or u can discuss this in ims)


keep it PLUR! 

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Reply by amma


fuck it i'll start im me or friend me if u wanna trade

i'll give u:
5 singles (with or without a perler)
1 - 2 3d cuffs (with or without a perler)
a necklace w a perler on it (i can also do chokers)
and candy!!! 

i can only ship on saturdays plz be mindful that i don't check up on here super duper often but i'll try 2 check up on here once in a while!

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Reply by Casper


i wanna trade lol, but i don't know where to start so i guess i'll do this

i'll give you:
4 singles (with or without perlers)
2 small cuffs (with or without perlers)
1 medium-big cuff (with or without perlers)
2 necklaces/chokers (with or without perlers)
1-3 extra perlers

i'm in the us, georgia to be specific. i'm 15, but i'm comfortable with trading with anyone who is or isn't a minor. i would like to discuss themes/things i like in dms, so that's all!

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Reply by DakotaHanton


Establishing trust in cross-border trade is pivotal when selling to purchasers from other countries. Building a strong foundation of trust between sellers and international buyers is crucial for successful transactions. Factors like transparent communication, secure payment methods, and reliable shipping options play a significant role in fostering this trust. Ensuring that both parties understand the terms and conditions of the sale, including return policies and product quality guarantees, is vital. Moreover, adhering to international trade regulations and providing excellent customer support can enhance trust and lead to fruitful partnerships between sellers and buyers from diverse geographical locations.

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