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css for noobs like me

Posted by Alli


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hi everyone!

so ofc the nostalgia is so real rn lol, but i never coded my myspace profile, i feel like myspace was always super easy to code i could just copy and paste to get what i needed, but this is a bit different because its new and i cant just search spacehey and copy a premade layout.

so anyway, i know 0 about coding, css any of that. 

i was hoping those of you who are web developers or tech savvy could post premade layouts, or even sections that myself or others could post to their pages.

 i'm currently in search of the codes to change the boxes on the profile. to not have the blue background, also how to change the default orange color tabs to transparent or a different color. 

feel free to drop any tips or other codes myself or others can copy and paste! thank you

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Reply by NinjaKat2


css - Cannelloni Spaghetti Spaghetti

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Reply by Lovely


Hi poodle noodle im puddle marshmallow 

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Reply by xxRebellious_Emmaxx


I used W3Schools to learn CSS and HTML and it's free.

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Reply by Marguerite


Of course! My favorite free resource for learning HTML and CSS was W3Schools.

geometry dash breeze

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